CHS Newsletter

News You Can Use - October 2018

From the Principal

Last week I was meeting with many of the Rock Valley Conference principals and one of the topics that was discussed was e-cigarettes, in particular “Juuling.” School district policy prohibits students from using and/or possessing tobacco and tobacco products, which includes e-cigarettes. Juul sales have increased 641% from 2016-2017 . It is an issue that is having an impact nationwide and our local schools are no different. While we at CHS have had a couple of issues recently with juuling in particular, many other schools have seen very large increases in discipline referrals related to Juuling.

While there are many types of e-cigarettes, Juul is the most recent type of e-cigarette that is impacting today's youth dramatically. The Juul itself is a very small device (it looks like a usb drive) and can actually charge in a computer’s USB port. Users then purchase pods that contain as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes and are often fun flavors which researchers believe is just one of the reasons it is so enticing to teens.

As staff members, we’ve been discussing Juuling and have confiscated devices and shown staff what the devices, chargers, and pods look like so that we can be more vigilant as well. I thought this was a good way to keep parents informed as well. Click here for an article with more information. It includes pictures of the devices and cartridges and you can read more about the latest trend and the possible impact on users.

Some recommendations from the article in talking to your teenager:

  • Ask your teens what they know about “Juuling.”

  • Be clear that you’re learning about this issue together. Feel free to state that you don’t believe vaping/being addicted to nicotine is safe.

  • Emphasize that “Juuling” still means using nicotine which has long been considered unsafe.

College, FAFSA, and Hidden in Plain Sight Presentations During Parent Teacher Conferences (October 22nd 11 a.m.-7 p.m.)

We are looking forward to seeing all parents and guardians at conferences on Monday. We will have college representatives and a financial aid presentation as well as a “Hidden in Plain Sight: room set up that helps inform parents about clues that may suggest your student is experimenting with or using drugs or alcohol. Please click here to see a flyer with more information about the presentations planned for the evening as well as Parent-Teacher Conferences in general.

Important Dates

ATTENTION TO ALL PARENTS OF SENIORS! Final due date of November 9th, 2018 at 3:45 pm for: 1. All Senior Photos need to be emailed to Kaila Alonzo, Editor of the Clinton High School Yearbook, at 2. Baby photos are due then as well. They can be brought to Mrs. Zeimentz or Kaila Alonzo in an envelope with your child's name on it. 3. Senior packets need to be completed by this date as well. Senior packets were emailed to each senior by Kaila Alonzo.

October 22:

11:00am - 7:00pm: Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School for Students

11:00am - 7:00 pm: Hidden in Plain Sight teen room available for walk through

5:00pm-7:00pm: UW Whitewater/UW Rock County, Beloit College & Blackhawk Technical College representatives available

5:30pm - Financial Aid Presentation & Application Walk Through by UW-Whitewater in CHS Room 308

October 25:

7:00pm - Typical vs. Atypical Warning Signs for Youth Behavior Presentation for Families in CHS Library

November 5th:

6:30-8:30 pm - CCSD Facility Planning Community Workshop (CMS Cafeteria)

PBIS Students & Staff of the Month


For the second year in a row our school is being recognized for our work implementing an equitable, multi-level system of supports at the Bronze Level by the Wisconsin RtI Center for Behavior. This is a school-wide framework aimed at closing the achievement gaps and increasing the number of students who graduate ready for college or a career. National research shows that full implementation of this type of framework leads to improved student outcomes. This framework has helped us increase the consistency of effective instruction for all students, build staff knowledge and skills to support all learners, use date to proactively identify and provide support for students, and shift to a culture that supports stronger relationships with students and their families.

For the 2018-19 school year we will continue our goal set for students at, 85% of our student body having one or fewer major referrals. Throughout the course of this semester and year students will receive Cougar Cash and other incentives to “Stay on Target” and continue to follow our three school-wide expectations of Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect CHS. On October 31st, students will be receiving rewards for: “On Time,” “On Target,” and “On Task.”

Check out our new PBIS Website.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training Opportunity

When: Saturday, November 10th, 2018 from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.(Participants must attend the complete training in order to become certified)

Where: Clinton High School Library

Who: CCSD Staff members, parents, coaches, community members

Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training is primarily designed for adults who regularly interact with young people (age 12-18). This training gives an opportunity to better understand what mental health is, what some of the common diagnoses are, and how to respond to youth who might be experiencing a crisis. It also reduces the misconception many people may have about mental health. Participants will be taught a 5-step action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including AD/HD), and eating disorders.

CCSD already has over 30 staff members trained in this model. By offering it up to community members we are hoping to create a network of adults who are educated about Youth Mental Health First Aid and can work together to address the many needs today’s youth have.

Click here to register or contact Dessa Laursen at 608-676-2211 ext 4023

Warning Signs of Struggling Youth: Typical vs. Atypical

Stateline Mental Health Services will be hosting a parent and community member presentation on Typical versus Atypical youth behaviors. Join the discussion regarding child development in an ever-changing world to be able to recognize what are expected behaviors versus those that need intervention.

Clinton High School Library

October 25th, 2018

7:00 p.m.

Click here for a reproducible flyer. Please pass the word on to neighbors, families and friends.

Department & Extracurricular Information


The agriculture classes have been very busy! The Animal Science class attended the World Dairy Expo at the beginning of the month to explore the vast dairy industry! Wildlife classes have been diving into Wisconsin invasive species to investigate the problems they cause and how they can help. Landscape design started with plant identification and is now learning about the basics of soil before getting into the design aspects of landscaping! This week they tested soil samples for pH, nitrogen, and phosphorus content! Ms. Braukhoff continues to work to increase opportunities and resources for all students in these classes!


Photography and Yearbook Classes teamed up to go to Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens. We have been working on a Macro mode unit and a “create a story” unit for Yearbook. The students really enjoyed their experience with the “Lorikeets”along with all the other creatures and the beautiful grounds inside and out. (see photos below)

Drawing 1 students are finished with Contour Line drawings and are moving on to a Scratchboard drawing unit. In Drawing 2 students are beginning a ballpoint pen drawing. Advanced Art 1 students are continuing work on a Batik unit. Advanced Art 2 students are making plans for their Altered Book project.


The Clinton High School Band is finishing up a very successful marching season which included a parade, 2 pep band performances, and two full halftime performances! Over the next couple weeks the CHS Band will begin preparing for the winter pep band season where we will play for 14 basketball games. The band will also be busy starting preparations for the Holiday Band Concert which will be held on Monday, December 10 in the high school gymnasium. The middle school band will also be performing. Middle school band will begin at 6pm and the high school band will follow at around 7:15pm.

Please follow all Clinton Band activities on twitter @clinton_band, #GoClintonBand and on facebook. As always, GO CLINTON BAND!

Business & Marketing

We have been really excited about some new course offerings this year. Business Communications and Management is a new capstone class for upperclassmen. Students are learning how to prepare professional quality communication that will serve them well in their careers. Right now, students are applying their skills to the art of blogging - a platform that has become very familiar tor small business owners to help potential customers learn about products and services. Students are getting real world experiences, too. Their next big project is a competition for creating a brochure for the Greater Clinton Chamber of Commerce membership drive. Keep your eyes peeled for the winner’s work!

Big picture


Choir classes are going great! The Concert Choir is working on SATB songs for their trip to New York this spring as well as songs for their concert in December. Fantastic job!

The Honors Choir is auditioning for the ICHSA (Pitch Perfect for High School) competition. Our first round is a recorded audition. Wish us luck!


All English classes are working on collaborative learning and discussions. The English 10 classes are reading Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Students are using costumes and props to help with understanding. English 9 classes are reading books with different points of view. To clarify the plot and conflicts, students are discussing their books in small groups. English 11 is learning text specific academic vocabulary. They completed a scavenger hunt to practice the words.


The FFA members have been a busy crew after wrapping up a successful recruitment week, homecoming week, and pork chop dinner in September! Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the FFA at the pork chop dinner the Friday of homecoming! October is fruit sale kick-off month! Order forms should be here on Monday, October 15th so they are available for our October meeting on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:30 am in room 310! Order forms will be due Friday, November 9th and delivery will be the first week in December. Contact an FFA member if you are interested in ordering fruit! Middle school students will be able to pick up order forms in the main office at the middle school and their monthly meeting will be on Friday, November 2nd. Students are still able to join FFA by picking up a membership application outside room 310! Students who are interested in attending the 212/360 Leadership Conference should see Ms. Braukhoff or their October FFA Newsletter!


The CHS book club will meet November 1st, during the first power hour (11:14 am) in the LMC. We are reading the book Gwendy’s Button Box, by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar. All are welcome! There is no cost! Enjoy intelligent conversation, spooky snacks and drinks. Books are available in the CHS library!


The AP Calculus students are learning how to find the derivative of a function. They will first learn how to find the derivative using the limit definition and then they will learn the basic rules, which will make life easier for them. The students will also be using the derivative in real-life application problems.

PreCalculus students are developing an understanding of the geometric effect of operations on complex numbers. They will then study in depth the geometric effect of multiplying a complex number by another complex number and how that brings about a dilation and a rotation of a specified amount. Students will be able to write complex numbers in rectangular form and polar form.

Algebra 2 students just finished up how to do arithmetic on polynomials and are working on understanding arithmetic on radicals.

Geometry students...

Algebra 1 students also finished up on arithmetic on polynomials and will be shaking the rust off on solving equations and learning to solve inequalities.

The CHS Math Team will be taking their talents to LaFollette High School on October 17th to compete in the Madison Area Math League. This is the first of four competitions held in Madison. Wish them luck!!

Phy Ed / Health

Strength and conditioning class is near the end of their movement and exercise introduction phase. Here you can see students practicing a squat progression. Teaching athletes to squat properly is an essential part of strength and conditioning. The squat is a fundamental pattern that should be perfected before adding an external load. The dumbbell goblet squat is a great way to introduce the squatting pattern. There should always be two points of contact (at the sternum and the stomach) when holding the dumbbell. If athletes cannot maintain two points of contact or the pattern does not look good there’s typically an issue with core stability, ankle mobility or a combination of the two. Using plates under the heel (blocked heels) reduces the need for ankle mobility. Additionally, using a band around the knees activates the glutes which help abduct and externally rotate your knees. The combination of blocked heels, bands around the knees and a dumbbell goblet will typically get a perfect squat out of novice lifters. Too often athletes squat poorly and add strength to dysfunction when training. Simply put, if an athlete can’t squat well, they shouldn’t squat with weight.

School Counseling

Representatives from Beloit College, Blackhawk Technical College, and UW-Whitewater/URock will be attending parent-teacher conferences on October 22. They will all be here from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM--bring all your college questions, even if those schools are not in the plan. At 5:30 PM, a Financial Aid Representative from UW-Whitewater will be doing an hour-long presentation on Financial Aid and FAFSA. This presentation will be held in computer lab room 308--please feel free to come prepared to create a FAFSA account with us if you have not already done so.


Anatomy & Physiology students attended the Tech Exploration Days for Health Sciences at BTC on October 12th. Students were given the opportunity to tour BTC and experience aspects of college including meeting with the financial aid staff and advisors for taking appropriate classes. Students gained information that can be applied to all post high school educational experiences.

Physics students have completed their study of linear motion and have begun study of motion in two dimensions. Students are eager to learn about projectiles whether it be in sports such as golf or basketballs or about the trajectory of cannon balls. Students are developing their problem solving ability daily.

Social Studies

In Mr. Manske’s AP World and World History classes they have been continuing their march through Ancient China and Japan. Along the way they have taken a couple of virtual tours, learned about the lost treasure fleet of China, and the samurai of Japan. Global Studies Honors has been doing its own version of globe trotting as the students have been doing deep dives into the cultures of countries around the world and sharing them out to their peers. And for a horse of a different color Introduction to Psych has been studying the stages of life from adolescence to adulthood and old age.

Mr. Greer’s (Mrs. Fisher’s) freshman Global Studies classes have been digging deep into the features of Globalization and how it affects their daily lives. They have developed slideshows of interesting nations and have included the economic, cultural, political, and technological aspects of globalization in those countries. Simulating a world trade market in the class, students traded with each other with and without trade restrictions to find out how the restrictions might affect trade. They also made some good deals for Snickers Bars.

Mr. Crivello’s US History classes have started on a project dealing with the life and times of colonial America. Students will have an opportunity to write biographies, create a colonial newspaper, research weapons used by the British and more.

In economics, students are learning about the roots of modern day economics, supply and demand, and other assorted microeconomic topics including the stock market. Students will also have the chance to participate in the Wisconsin Stock Market contest.

AP US History has started a unit on the American Revolution. Further reading will take them to the origins of our American system of government and the constitution.

Student Services-School-Based Mental Health Counseling available

In order to make a referral for school-based mental health counseling through Stateline Mental Health, a parent/guardian can go to the CCSD website. The “School-Based Mental Health Services” link is under the families TAB and under the link of “School-Based Mental Health Services.” Parents/Guardians can go there and answer a couple of quick questions in order to make a referral.

Tech Ed

October is Manufacturing Month. Our students toured the Alliant Energy Riverside power plant and Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) on October 5th. During these tours they learned about the different types of manufacturing jobs that are being performed, what type of skills and education needed and what they need to prepare for now as a high school student to be ready for the future in manufacturing.

Also, Scot Forge donated metal to our CTE department. Students helped unload it and get it stored for future use. Just one way that CHS benefits from partnerships with local industries! Thank you to Scot Forge!!!

(see photos below)

World Languages

Guten Tag und willkommen zu einem neuen Schuljahr! It is has been review time for all levels of German speakers. This is an opportunity to reacquaint and re engage “mit der Deutsche Sprache” after a long summer vacation. Reinforcing the foundation is important. Along with that we have taken time out to learn about, discuss, and celebrate several German festivals and holidays that have occured over the course of September and October. Munich’s Oktoberfest was celebrated from September 22 to October 7. “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” (Day of German Unification) was celebrated on October 3rd. Our country’s own German-American Day celebration took place on October 6th. In the upcoming months we will be taking a look at the importance of “Allerheiligentag” (All Souls Day), St. Martinstag, St Nikolaustag and of course preparing and embarking on our annual field trip to Christkindlmarkt in Chicago. Look for the annual German Club Advent Calendar sale/fundraiser in November!