The Sleep level of Conciousness

by Patrick Pamos

What is Conciousness

Consciousness is you minds awareness of its environment.

There are many forms off consciousness ranging being awake and alert to being asleep and still.


Variations of consciousness can be measured by an electroencephalograph or EEG showing faster brainwaves while alert, and slower brainwaves while becoming drowsy. Brainwave activity varies while asleep depending on what stage sleeper is in.
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Circadian rhythm

Circadian Rhythm, or our bodies biological clock that regulates and synchronizes sleep patterns day by day. Everyone has their own "clock" which is subject to change do to outside factors such as a new job or inside factors such as aging.


Stages of Sleep

n rem 1 is considered any sleep without rapid eye movement when alpha waves move even slower into theta waves

n rem 2 is categorized as true sleep and defined by the occasional occurrence of sleep spindles that last a second or two, and K complexes , single bursts of high voltage spikes of brain activity. breathing becomes rhythmical and slight muscle twitches may occur.

Nrem 3 & 4 are both defined by the amount of delta brain wave activity also referred to slow wave sleep or SWS. Heart rate breathing and blood pressures all drop to their lowest levels. this is when sleepwalking or bed wetting occurs because the sleeper is entirely oblivious to the world.


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