Pre-Calculus Course Update

June 8 - June 12

Course Schedule

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Synchronous Sessions This Week

Monday 6/8 at 10:00am - Synchronous Session with Mrs. Hall

Tuesday 6/9 at 5:00pm - Synchronous Session with Mrs. Balentyne

Wednesday 6/10 at 10:00am - Synchronous Session with Mrs. Norman

Tip of the Issue - Read Feedback!

It is extremely important to read feedback on all assignments, quizzes, and tests. This feedback was written to help you learn. Additionally, it is possible to see the same question you missed on a quiz pop up on a test. Be sure you know what your mistakes were so that you can improve for the test!

Important Reminder

The names you give your assignments are important!

Please name your assignments with the name of the assignment and your last name.

Example: Our Only Focus Balentyne

Late Work Policy

1 Day Late = 25% point deduction

2 Days Late = 50% point deduction

**After 2 days, work will no longer be accepted for credit**