Reflection 2 for Exhibition 2016

Exhibition by Nabeel Ameen Choudhary

Leaner profile

During the Exhibition project I was a caring person because in my group I help them by sharing Ideas with my group and helping them by writing a lots of notes. And also I show during this project is being a thinker to my group because I am going to ask questions about littering for example what goes into the garbage. And that was the learner profile I have showed so far in this project called exhibition

Contributed in this Exhibition 2016 in Grade 6 and working collaboratively in group

I have contributed in this Exhibition by asking a research a lot of thing about Littering and then telling my group what I found I founded when I was researching. And a other thing how I contribute to my group is that I help them with any things that have to be done. And I have been working collaboratively with my group by having talks about littering so I can understand more about littering. And a other way we have been working collaboratively in this project is we are talking about what jobs we need for example me and Jozair are put in to partners and we are both writing a two pages report about littering and then we put it together and Janna and Luke are doing the same thing and then they are going to put the information into a two pages report about littering like me and Jozair and that like a job we are doing so far in this big project for grade 6 2016. And those are the reason we are working collaboratively with my group and how I contributed with my group.

Ideas going forward into this big project

My Ideas going forward in Exhibition is that I had a idea of a action which is that grade one to six are going to bring a brown bag to put their lunch in the brown bag and then they can keep the brown bag for their other snacks or something that they buy from the vending machine they can put the food in the bag what I am trying to get them to do is that they can use it agin so they can't trow it away.

reflection 4

The research skills that I have showed is planing by helping and planning my group for the presentation by doing different slide in the prevention. I found the research on different website for example on the Halton Waste Magment website and I went to a youtube video about edible culture for example spoons made out of cookies. The most challenge aspect of the research process was putting the information in my own words this was difficult because the website had difficult words and it was difficult to put the hard words in my own words.