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Suwanee Whole Life Co-op

Order on Our Website: http://suwanee.locallygrown.net/market Fridays to Sundays

Pick Up Location: 1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 1104, Suwanee 30024 at Cultured Traditions

Pick Up Date & Time: Thursdays from 1 pm to 3 pm

Group Buys This Weekend!

We'll be taking orders for several group buy items this weekend - grass fed cheeses, fermented cod liver and skate oils, grass fed collagen & gelatin! More details about each item are below.

If you are new to the co-op, group buys are special deals we get from various companies and farms because we buy in a larger quantity. I will place our order this Monday and our items usually arrive in time for the following Thursday pick up, NOT this Thursday. These items are considered a pre-order and payment is expected this Thursday.

Pastured Pork is now on the market!!

I am so excited to welcome Hunter Cattle Co. to our family of farms! They will be offering pastured pork items such as sausage, smoked bacon, and brats. Occasionally, if our current grass fed beef provider, Copperhead Homestead, runs out of beef, they may list some grass fed beef as well.

They are a “pastured and sustainable” farm which raises cattle, hogs, and chickens without giving them antibiotics, hormones or caging them. They also have other animals such as horses, rabbits, goats, turkeys, lambs, and ducks. All of their animals are raised and treated humanely.

Below is a video tour of the Hunter Cattle Co. farm

Georgia Traveler at Hunter Cattle Co.

Delivery to your home is now an option!

I have received many requests for an alternative to picking up since our current time frame is during working hours. So we are now offering home delivery! This includes all co-op market items and your Fresh Harvest produce basket. Below are more details. Please read carefully if you choose this option. We will deliver starting this upcoming Thursday.

Home Delivery Guidelines

Home delivery is only available for orders paid by credit card or Dwolla online in advance. No cash or check orders. Our delivery drivers will not be collecting any payments.

Delivery fee - $12 flat fee

Delivery radius – We will deliver within a 10-mile radius of Suwanee Whole Life Co-op pick up location (1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suwanee 30024).

What will we deliver – All your ordered co-op items including Fresh Harvest produce baskets

How do I add delivery to my order? - Go to market website (www.suwanee.locallygrown.net) and add *DELIVERY* to your order. I will appear in your cart as an item. Make sure your address on file is correct. We will use this as your delivery address. If you need us to deliver somewhere else besides that address, please leave that address in “Comment to Grower” section of your order at checkout.

How does it work? – We will deliver your ordered items to your address on file between 1pm to 7pm on Thursdays. Please leave out a cooler for your perishable items (milk, meats, veggies, etc). If you have perishable items but no cooler we can NOT leave your items. Fresh Harvest produce baskets already have cooler packs in them so you don’t need to leave out a cooler for that. Our delivery driver will leave your paid invoice in your mailbox and will note the time of delivery. We cannot take specific time requests and this time.

For your first delivery - please specify in the “Comment to Grower” section of your order at checkout- Your subdivision name and instructions where you want us to leave your items. If you live in a gated community please include gate code or put Suwanee Whole Life Co-op on your visitors list. We will keep this information on file so you only need to enter once.

Our delivery team – Here’s our team! Just wanted you all to see them so you’ll recognize them when they come to your home.

Here's our awesome delivery team!

Group Buy: Grass-fed Cheese

This weekend we will be taking orders for grass-fed cheese from Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, Jason Wiebe Dairy, and Farmstead Fresh!

Low Temp Pasteurized and Raw Milk Cheeses will be available.

Group buy cheese orders are only 3 times a year. Our next cheese order will not be until August so please keep this in mind when ordering.

I’ve asked the cheese makers to put “(Raw Milk Cheese)” in the title if it is raw milk cheese aged 60 days according to FDA regulation. All other cheeses are low temp pasteurized.

Raw milk cheese that is listed on the market is safe for human consumption and is aged at least 60 days per FDA regulation.

Prices and available sizes will be on the market website tomorrow for ordering. The pricing will include shipping and taxes/fees.

The cheese will NOT be available for pick up this Tuesday. I expect it to be available for pick up the following Tuesday. All Group Buy orders are exempt from our “No show/Donate” policy

  • Cows Raised without synthetic hormones
  • Cows are grass-fed and raised on pasture
  • Old World, Handmade Cheese making Techniques
  • Cheeses made with non-homogenized low temp pasteurized or raw milk and aged at least 60 days to comply with the USDA regulations for raw milk cheese production
  • Vegetable-based rennet, to make it more acceptable to vegetarians
  • Cheeses that are not considered raw are pasteurized at the lowest legal temperature for 15 seconds

See Kenny’s and Jason’s website for more detailed information about their process: http://www.kennysfarmhousecheese.com/

Benefits of Grass-Fed Cheese

  • One of the few foods that contains a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, a ratio ideal for your health
  • Very high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) In fact, it contains five times more CLA than dairy from grain-fed cows! CLA, which are most abundant in grass-fed products, are among the most potent cancer fighters in all foods.
  • Considerably higher in beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E than cheese and other dairy from grain-fed sources
  • High in the healthy calcium and protein your body needs
  • Free from growth hormones and antibiotics

Group Buy : Great Lakes Gelatin /Collagen

This weekend we will have our Group Buy for Great Lakes Gelatin /Collagen!

We order these products every 2 months. One can of collagen is a 2 month supply for 1 person. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

The prices include our discounted group buy price, shipping, fees and taxes.

Great Lakes Gelatin (the Green can) Collagen Hydrolysate (beef kosher) Unflavored

Gelatin (also known as cooked collagen) has wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities, as it helps to fill in the missing amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) in the standard American diet. This is a completely different from the jiggly gelatin product most of us grew up eating as kids.

Homemade bone broth is chock full of gelatin and very nutrient dense but Great Lakes Gelatin- Collagen is a convenient way to get gelatin consistently into your diet.

Group Buy: Fermented Cod Liver Oil & Skate Oil (FCLO & FSLO)

This weekend we will have our Group Buy for Green Pasture products (Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO), High Vitamin Butter Oil, Skate Liver Oil!

All currently available products (as of today) will be listed on the market site tomorrow for ordering.

We order FCLO monthly. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

The prices include our discounted group buy price, shipping, fees and taxes.

Farm Tour: Back In Time Farm

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! We will tour Back in Time Farm on Sunday, May 7th, 2pm to 4pm. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to meet your farmer and see where your food comes from! Come see their chickens, goats, baby cows and gardens! All the animals are kid friendly but we ask that you supervise the little ones.

HAY RIDE will be provided for little ones and those that can’t walk for long periods of time! Back in Time will have a tractor pulled hayride during the tour. Please RSVP soon so they will know if they need a 2nd one. Feel free to bring a snack to have by the gentle flowing creek at the back of the property.

Please RSVP if you can make it. I have added a category on the market called “Farm Tours -RSVP” and would like you to add to your cart as an order if you want to attend.

Please make sure to arrive about 15 minutes before the tour starts. We will promptly start at 2pm. Bring water & sunscreen!

The farm address is 40 Arnold Rd SE, Statham GA 30666 (about 50 minutes from Suwanee)

Hope to see you there!!

New! AtlantaFresh Milk & Greek Yogurt

Thank you to Shelly, a fellow co-op member, that asked if we can carry AtlantaFresh milk and yogurt on the co-op market! I'm very pleased to welcome Ron Marks of AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery to our family of growers and producers! They will offer their 100% grassfed, non-GMO, no antibiotics, low temp pasteurized milk and small batch Greek yogurt on the market starting this week. For milk, they can only sell to us in half gallons because we are not a foodservice organization. So if you order a gallon you will get 2 half gallons.

New! White Oak Pastures Chicken

I am very excited to welcome the Harris Family of White Oak Pastures to our family of farms! They will be providing the co-op pasture raised chicken. They have several different cuts of chicken and will add items as they are available. Right now they are out of backs and necks for bone broth making but once they are back in stock they will be on the market. If you have any requests please let me know and I will see if and when we can have it listed on the market.

White Oak Pastures is a 150 year old multi-generational family farm that cooperates with nature to produce artisan products. We work hard to ensure that all of our production practices are Fair, Sustainable, and Humane. We never fail to conduct our business in an honorable manner, for the sake of our animals, our land, and our people who produce and consume our goods.

Our pastured poultry is completely unconfined in our pastures. They range freely all day, scratching, pecking and dust bathing in our pastures. They can choose to come into a mobile house to perch at night. They are effectively guarded from predators by our seven Great Pyrenees guardian dogs. The poultry, like our cattle and lambs, are slaughtered here in our on-farm USDA-inspected poultry abattoir. It is one of the of the very few in the country. Our chickens are our own proprietary heritage breed. We call them “T-Rex Reds,” because the atavistic behavior of these red chickens reminds us of Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs. Our turkeys are American Standard Bronze, which is also a heritage breed. We also raise Guinea Hens, Ducks and Geese on pasture.

For more information, please check out their website http://www.whiteoakpastures.com

Other Market News

My Daily Bread will be back from vacation this week

HoneyBerry Naturals will be off the market temporarily for a couple of weeks.

Unrefined Maple Syrup Order coming soon! We only order once a year so you don't want to miss out. We'll start taking orders 4/28. More details to come as we get closer.

New items:

Swiss Chard

Plant Herb - Basil, Sweet (limited supply so order this week if you need some)

Plant Herb - Lavender, Goodwin Creek

Plant - Herb - Lavender, Grosso

Herb - Lemon Grass

Plant - Herb - Mint, Spearmint

Rhubarb "Victoria"

Plant- Butterfly Bush 'Magenta' dwarf

Lettuce - Salad Mix, Romaine, Buttercrunch

Bok Choi


Lambs Quarters - (wild spinach)

Juice - Just Carrot

Plants: Annual - Lobelia Compact Blue

Annual - Kong Coleus

Annual - Calibrachoa - Neo Yellow/Red Vein

Annuals - Heliotrope

Upcoming Group Buys/Vendors of the Day

Below is a list of upcoming co-op group buys to help with planning and budgeting. All dates are subject to change.

Group Buys:

Grass Fed Cheeses - 4/21- 4/23

Green Pasture - FCLO - 4/21- 4/23

Great Lakes- Grass fed Collagen/Gelatin - 4/21- 4/23

Old State Farm - Maple Syrup - Grade B - 4/28 - 4/30

Upcoming Farm Tours - (More details as we get closer to date)

Back In Time (Pastured Chicken, Eggs) - 5/7 at 2 pm

Leilani's Gardens (CNG Produce) - 6/3 TBD

Upcoming Farmer/Vendor of the Day:

Upcoming Farmer/Vendor of the Day:

Fresh Harvest - Produce Baskets - Sign Up Info

If you plan to pick up at our SUWANEE location and have a Nature’s Garden Express (NGE) produce box account please read this info!

Since NGE delivers to our area only on Tuesdays I’ve decided that our produce box provider will be Fresh Harvest at our location in Suwanee.

Below are instructions if you want to set up an account to have your Fresh Harvest produce basket delivered to our Suwanee pick up location at a discounted co-op rate.

Their process is similar to NGE- you can make exchanges, add on items, no weekly commitment, payment is directly with them, and receive high quality organic fruits and vegetables. Their prices are comparable to NGE after the 15% co-op discount that will be applied to your basket order.

Here is the process for signing up:

- Go to www.freshharvestga.com
- Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner
- Select a type of basket
- Select frequency of delivery
- Input personal information
- Select “Suwanee Whole Life Co-op” as your ‘Delivery Location’ from the scroll down menu
- Receive 15% off every basket!

You will receive the “harvest email” on Wednesday afternoons. It will let you know what is coming in your basket the following week. You have until 2pm Friday to make customizations or add additional items.
You can make as many customizations as you like and that will not change the price of your basket. Then you will receive your basket the following Thursday at our Suwanee pick up location.

If you have questions please give them a call at 770-847-6630 and they will be happy to help you!

Wellness Partner Events

more to come...

About Us

We are an online farmers market that strives to provide the community convenient access to nutrient dense, organically grown foods and healthy products that contain No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Synthetic Fertilizers or Chemicals, No Additives, such as MSG or Nitrates, No GMO Soy and No GMOs.

Click Here to Order (Fridays to Sundays)

Market is open for online orders Fridays starting at 7:30 am to Sundays ending at 6 pm. Pick up is in Suwanee at Cultured Traditions on Thursdays from 1 pm to 3 pm only. Please make sure you understand how we work before you order.