1941 and 1942


January 21-26, anti Jew riots take place in Romania, hundreds of Jews are butchered

Between July and October 148,000 Jews are murdered

June 22, Germany invaded the Soviet Union

September 28-29, 34,000 Jews are killed at Babi Yar outside Kiev

December 7, Pearl Harbor

December 11, US declares war on Japan and Germany


By the end of 1942, 600,000 Jews are murdered

During the winter of 1942, many Jews from Germany, Greece, and Norway are all shipped to killing centers

In May extermination of Jews by gas begins in Sobibor

In October more than 250,000 Jews are killed in Sobibor

In June and July Jewish partisan groups are formed in the forests of Belorussian and the Baltic States, in July many Jews form armed resistance groups in Jewish ghettos like Kremenets, Lachva, and Mir

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