Mr. McCoy's Summer Weekly Log

Friday, June 26, 2015

Out of Africa

One last sweep, around the continent of Africa, awaited us, this week, as we continued our perilous trek across Africa—and as we continued the research reports! Students took notes on "One Day in the Desert" and watched The Living Desert and played "Mountain Lion." We also examined nonfiction articles, “Proud Animals” and "Camels." Students created an "Awesome Amulet," designed to bring unlimited great fortune, and sculpted--and painted--African artifacts. Our math focus was on locating points on a grid; area and tiling, multiplying 3 factors; and finding the area of the base. We also played fun games of “The Pit,” “Mystery Doors,” "The Golden Talisman," "Mamba," "ZAP!"--and each student devised his/her own riveting game! Our monumental adventure will continue for one more, extremely productive day, so keep reading: It’s time for us to move “Out of Africa”!

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African Beginnings

We concluded our study of African Beginnings. Here is a link to what we learned:

African Folktales

Here are this week's riveting African Folk Tales:






Math Facts Practice

Many upcoming fifth graders are woefully lacking in the area of mastery of basic math facts. This is a skill that your child MUST have in order to succeed in math. Here are several links to great websites designed to help your child improve his/her proficiency in this area:

Please have your child work on math every day during July. It will have a profound impact on his/her success in fifth grade!

Fill Your Child's Realm with Reading

Fill your child’s world with reading. Take turns reading with your older child, or establishing a family reading time when everyone reads his/her own book. “It’s important to show him/her that “it’s not only a school task,” says Ted Feinberg, PhD, assistant director of the National Association of School Psychologists. Demonstrate how important reading is to you by filling your home with printed materials: novels, newspaper, even posters and placemats with words on them.

Strengths Focus

Focus on strengths, encouraging developing talents. Even if your child didn’t ace his/her social studies test, he/she may have written a really good circular-ending story. When he/she knows that he/she is talented in one area, he/she will be confident to try to achieve in others. “You don’t want to not offer challenges, but there’s always a transfer when you have your kid feeling good about who he/she is.

Organizing for Fifth Grade

Help your child organize his/her school papers and assignments so he/she feels in control of the work. If your child’s workload seems too daunting, he/she will spend more time worrying than learning; as he/she gets older and has more responsibilities, things can get “excruciatingly painful.” So check in regularly, to make sure that he/she is not feeling overloaded. A way to accomplish this is to make sure your child is organizing his/her papers in a notebook, with subject dividers. It’s a technique that will be taught on the first day of fifth grade!
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The Final Issue

This is the final issue of Mr. McCoy's Summer Weekly Log. I hope that you have found it to be useful.

Back-to-School Night, at Liberty Oaks, will be on Thursday, August 13. The first day of school will be on Tuesday, August 18. See you soon!