The Cold War

By Georgi Kuelbs

About the Cold War

The Cold War was the time after WWII ended when the United States and the Soviet Union went from being allies to countries that were conflicted on how Europe would be rebuilt. This conflict lasted .

around 45 years. The Cold War was between 1947-1991

Both Countries were considered super powers at the time and both waned to be the most powerful. Other countries were also effected that were members of NATO like Germany and Afghanistan.

During the cold war each side wanted to show their “muscles” through weaponry and military strength, however their was never an actual direct war and this was the height of when nuclear weapons became important lucky no one ended up actually using a nuclear weapon.

Other countries that were effected were Germany, Japan, Panama, Cuba, Mexico


At the beginning of the cold war, containment of the Soviet Union became the United States foreign policy.

The concern was that the Soviet Union would take over other foreign policies and views on the government.

The US wanted to keep democracy instead in those countries. This strategy known as “containment” could include military force if needed to stop them from spreading communism.

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“Iron Curtain”

The “Iron Curtain” was a phrase used during the Cold War.

While there was no actual wall there wasn’t an imaginary one that separated Europe into two during the Cold War.

The East Side of the “iron curtain” was the Soviet Union and the Countries they tried to influence

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Bay of Pigs Invasion
Fidel Castro became the leader of Cuba in 1959. The U.S. was worried since Castro didn't want to keep the same relationship between Cuba and U.S. and they were close with the Soviet Union. A secret plan was made by U.S. to train Cuban exiles to fight and overthrow Castro. President Kennedy thought this would help to "win" the Cold War. In 1961 the secret mission began but when the Cuban group landed on the island called The Bay of Pigs, Castro and its army were ready and the invasion failed within 24 hours.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

During Kennedy’s presidency, During the 60s the US found out the Soviet Union has nuclear missiles Once Kennedy found out he and the Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev met over 13 days. There was a very big threat that war could happen and millions of Americans and Russians would be killed. At the last minute the Soviets backed down and accepted the US offer that they would not invade Cuba if the Soviets took away the missiles from Cuba.