Joseph Sherrill

5th period

Industrialization Political

Clayton Anti Trust act and Federal Trade Commission

This is an example of the government stepping in and stopping unfair business practices of fast growing monopolies. This was much needed because the middle class was struggling to buy some basic necessities.
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Industrialization Economic

Transcontinental Railroad

Rapid growth from the gold rush and industrialization all around the country called for a quick way ship goods from one end of the country to the other. This was essential to the growth of America. The only bad thing about it was the land we took from the natives. Over all, this was best for America.
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Industrialization Social/Cultural


With the high demands of industry came new inventions to make work easier and more efficient. Machines did make it easier to mass produce items, but without safety regulations, it made things a little more dangerous for workers. But mechanization contributes to America having a booming economy.

Immigration Political

Political Machines

Political machines often helped new immigrants, but sometimes violently forced the immigrant to vote for the politician the political machine was backing, if the immigrant tried to oppose them. Political machines were a bad thing because, in a way, it would limit peoples rights.
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Immigration Economic

Transcontinental Railroad

Many Chinese immigrants found work on the transcontinental railroad. It was hard work, and they were often mistreated, but they were devoted since they had put everything they had in their immigration to America. The way Chinese workers were treated is nothing to be proud of.
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Immigration Social/Cultural

Settlement Houses

Settlement houses helped new immigrants by providing them social services like education. An example would be the Hull House, which was founded by Jane Addams. Settlement houses were great ideas that got new immigrants on their feet.

"We are thus brought to a conception of Democracy not merely as a sentiment which desires the well-being of all [people], nor yet as a creed which believes in the essential dignity and equality of all [people], but as that which affords a rule for living as well as a test of faith." - Jane Addams

Urbanization Political

Womens Suffrage

As women become more self reliant, by finding jobs in the city to support themselves, they demanded the same rights that men had. Women's suffrage was needed for this country to be considered free.

"I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality." - Alice Paul

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Urbanization Economic

New Inventions and Technology

New inventions such as trolleys made it easier for people to live outside a city but still have a job there. This made things much cleaner and enjoyable. New steel frame skyscrapers made space in the city very efficiently used. Without inventions like these, America would have fallen behind.

Urbanization Social/Cultural


With machines replacing some jobs, it becomes a little harder for people to find work.
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Progressivism Political

Square Deal

The square deal was Teddy Roosevelt's policy that, pretty much, said if big businesses give the American people a square deal, then he would give big business a square deal. With monopolies out of control, something had to be done to avoid an economic crisis.

"All I ask is a square deal for every man. Give him a fair chance. Do not let him wrong any one, and do not let him be wronged." - Theodore Roosevelt

Progressivism Economic

New Nationalism

This is Teddy Roosevelt's philosophy that favors small business by limiting monopolies. When monopolies have power, the US economy is hindered. Small business should always be given a fair chance.
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Progressivism Social/Cultural

Muckraking Writers

People, like Upton Sinclair, exposed the wrongs in the society, such as the disgusting conditions in the meat packing industry, by writing about it. By exposing wrongs, people like this made america a better place.
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Imperialism Political


Obtaining the Hawaiian islands gives the US more power in the Pacific. The way we went about obtaining the Hawaiian islands wasn't the best, but a port in the Pacific was much needed.
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Imparialism Economic

Panama canal

The Panama canal allows for US boats to efficiently get from the Pacific to the Atlantic. This is the same deal as the Hawaiian islands. We probably could have handled relations with other countries in a better way.
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World War 1 Political

International law and warships

States that merchant ships can safely travel in international waters even during a time of war. This is a great international law because it took some fear out of the civilian merchants selling goods.

World War 1 Economic

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War Reparations

Germany was required to pay back billions for damages caused in the war. This was not a good thing. It ultimately sent us into WW2.
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World War 1 Social/Cultural


The pride felt for ones own country made people offended easily and quick to resort to war. This is a good and bad thing. Everyone should be proud of their country, but not resort to violence when offended.
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