3 for Thursday

March 26, 2015

1. Math Maven's Mysteries

Wow!-I love these math mysteries from Scholastic! They are designed to assist students with a wide spectrum of mathematical concepts including geometry and spacial relations, whole number operations, fractions and ratios, money and decimals, patterns and missing number equations, combinations and probability, measurement and time, and logical reasonsing. Mysteries are categorized as easy, medium, or difficult (differentiation!) and include a printable PDF version. Struggling readers can opt to have the mysteries read aloud to them with the built-in audio button.

2. Math Live

Math Live is a great site for upper elementary students that uses cartoon math tutorials to illustrate topics like fractions, multiplication, area and perimeter, tessellations, probability, and a variety of others. The glossary section has an amazing collection of math terms that are animated for a more solid understanding.
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3. Math Run

Mathrun is a simple site for practicing math fact fluency. Math problems float up the screen and you have to tell whether they are correct or incorrect. There is no registration required. Mathrun rates your brain speed and keeps a running total of how many problems you solved correctly. This is a great site to use for independent practice.


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