Much Ado About Nothing

By: Peter Karcz

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The Grinch playing Don John

Don John is a very crabby man who doesn't get his way. The Grinch, from the Christmas movie "The Grinch Stole Christmas", would play a perfect part as Don John. He fits this role in the book because he is always a Grinch and isn't looking to have fun. Some other traits they share are they both plan to ruin someone else's Christmas/relationship.

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Carrie Underwood playing Hero

Hero is a very fine looking lady this is about to get married while a lot of other men like her. Carrie Underwood would fit Hero's part because Carrie Underwood is a very fine looking lady. Carrie Underwood would fit her part because many men would fight over her too just like Don John fought for Hero. Carrie and Hero are very similar because their body's are very similar and look very athletic and fit.
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Brett Favre playing Claudio

Claudio is a very strong minded and is also a great actor. Brett Favre would fit Claudio's part great because Brett Favre had to be very mentally strong to play in as many season of NFL football as he did. Brett would also be a great actor because he has done many commercials during and after his career in football. Brett and Claudio are very similar in the physical category too. Both of them seem very athletic and tough.
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Biggest events during the play.

The three most popular events that accrued during the play included, Don johns plan to mess up the relationship during the dance. Next main event that accrued during the play was when Claudio embarrassed Hero in front of all of her family at their wedding. The final event that made the play very suspenseful was when Claudio saw the two people making out in the window that looked like Hero and another man. All of these events moved the plot along and made it very exciting because it made you think about what will go wrong and right. This revealed many character traits because it showed how it affected the characters and showed who they really love.
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Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley

The song "Whiskey Lullaby" fits the theme of love because in the song it talks about how this couple breaks up and can never live apart. In the play Claudio and Hero fall deeply in love and they wouldn't be able to live apart. Both the song and the play they fall in love at a young age. In the play Claudio is devastated when he finds out Hero has passed away and it affects him horribly. In the song the boy finds out the girl and him won't last forever and he becomes devastated and doesn't think he should live anymore.