TheLandofStories:Beyondthe Kingdoms

By: Chris Colfer


In The Land of Stories, Alex and her brother are on a mission to stop there uncle from concurring the fairytale world! The go into many different children's books and try to stop there uncle. Their uncle was searching for recruits in other stories and Alex was unfairy godmothered by the fairy council things got even worse! When Conner her brother found out about their uncle he wanted to immediately take action! They followed their uncle throughout all the stories and in the end he got away and trapped each of them in a different book! They had to wait 2 weeks so they could make the potion that would take them back to the fairytale world. Alex and Mother Goose were stuck in The Sword and the Stone and The Tin man and Conner were stuck in Robin Hood! At the end of the book Conner and Alex step into the fairytale world and.............THE END