Al Capone

By:Trennon Hagan

Al Capone's Early Years

Al Capone was born January 17th 1899 in the city of Brooklyn, New York City. As we all know Al Capone wasn't very nice. He got expelled for hitting one of his teachers and quit school in the sixth grade at age 14.

St valentines day massacre

This event happened on Febuary 14 1929. Capone had his guys dress up in police uniforms to trick his arch enemy, Bugs Moran. Moran was stealing bootlegging business from Al and he wanted him taken out. When Capon's guys got to the warehouse, they made Moran's gangsters line up on the wall and drop their weapons. Not knowing that they weren't real police, Moran's men complied. Capone's mobsters then shot them to death. This event was known as one of the bloodiest days in mob history.

Prison for Capone

Capone went to Atlanta state penitentiary for carrying a concealed weapon. Capone knew he could run his business from the facility. He brought all of his luxuries with him. A table, lamp, chairs, Oriental rugs and a dresser. He was soon transferred to Alcatraz and was unable to run his empire. Capone was one of the most famous inmates to ever be in Alcatraz. He was also one of the most respectful. He got opportunities and many jobs while sentenced to the rough prison.

Capone's sickness and death

Capone was stabbed by fellow inmate James Lucas and recovered quickly. Capone was diagnosed with the disease syphilis, which he contracted from the many prostitutes that he spent time with. As his health worsened, he was moved to a hospital. He did not go back to jail because his health went downhill. Capone eventually he died on January 25 1947 from cardiac arrest.

Capone's Kids and Parents

Capone had a son named Albert Francis Capone. His mother was Teresina Capone and his father was Gabriel Capone.