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Calling all songwriters, poets and artists! For those who know me, know poetry is my passion. Poetry is my form of Xpression. As my pin vibrates, my blood comes out as its ink. An epiphany came upon me leading me to establish this group. There is so much that people bottle inside and don't allow to come out. I wanted to create an outlet, a stage for the positive channeling of all forms of Xpression. Please feel free to share all forms of Xpression or just to share various events happening in your area to promote events that I am sure we all would love to attend and partake in.

Xpress Yourself!

Enigmatic Mahogany

Enigmatic Mahogany

'That she is" rare like tropical wood " pure grain"
with a color of beautiful brown skin, "ele'gant,"
"She DONT resemble, What She's Not"
yet What she is, is that something special, special someone;
"from the body of her treez trunk too"
the tone of her bark-skinn!
Her tree tops branches, " the locks of her head"
a distinguish'ed pres'sence in the middle of ikfield,
"Standing Out" to "only" be not'iced
for the structure of her features strong, bold & firm
rooted deep within the grounds of her surface,
Like having more than one meaning "She' has "more"
than one purpose,
yet to pro'duce a strong elegant, strong, quality of grain
from within the mysterious soul of her tree
beautiful, & unique
like the grain of her trees word from the outside
un'seen, mystifying, She is:
Mysterious Strong Bold & Beautiful
She is:
"Enigmatic Mahogany"