Independent Study Updates

October 18, 2016

Canada College Updates

  • Finals week for the fall semester is 12/11/16-12/18/16.
  • Spring semester classes begin on January 17th, 2017.
  • Spring semester schedules are available in our classroom. Students can also view available classes on webschedule ( You can see a brief description of a course by selecting the course and clicking on the course name. Students can search for classes at Canada, College of San Mateo and Skyline college on this link.
  • Students who intend to take a community college class in the spring must complete the College Connections Concurrent Enrollment form. These forms are available in our classroom. Parent signature is required. This form must be filled out every semester.
  • Concurrently enrolled students can register for classes on November 15th. Please submit the College Connection form to me at least one week before this date, as it takes time to process the form. Classes fill up, so it is best to turn in the form on time.
  • If you will be taking a community college course for the first time, you must first apply to the college. See this link: Read the information, and scroll down to the online application.
  • Talk to me if you have questions about any of this information.
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Career Technical Education College Success Day at Canada College

Sign up for CTE College Success Day if you intend to enroll at Canada College in the fall. Juniors and Sophomores should also participate in this event if you intend to take classes at Canada this year, next year, or after graduating from high school.

Flyers for this event on October 28th (next Friday) are in the classroom. You must sign up by this Friday to participate. You will earn credit for your participation!

Read more here:

Math Jam Dates

Canada College Math Jam dates are January 9th through January 13th, 2017. Students can register online. The program is offered from 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM or from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Read more, and register on this link:

Math Tutor

Our math tutor is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:15-12:15. Please come!

Seniors Only

  1. Please complete the FAFSA if you haven't yet done so.
  2. Make sure you are staying on top of all of the deadlines and requirements for your college applications if you are applying to 4 year colleges. The College and Career Center at your home school is a great resource if you need help.
  3. Remember, it is your responsibility to stay informed about senior activities- including graduation at your home school if you plan to participate.Please read the emails you receive from your home school. Additional information is available on your home school website. Parents -you can also read information about graduation on home school websites.

Upcoming Holidays/ Classroom Closures

  • Friday, October 21st- Classroom closed until 10:00 AM. I have a meeting.
  • Wednesday, October 26th- Classroom closed all day. I am participating in a training.
  • Friday, November 11th- Veteran's Day - Classroom and Canada closed
  • Thursday, November 17th- Classroom closed until 12:00. I have a meeting.
  • November 23rd- November 28th Thanksgiving Holiday Classroom closed
  • November 24th- 25th Thanksgiving Holiday No Canada classes
  • December 21st- January 11th SUHSD Winter Break/Professional Development Days-No students
  • December 19th-January 15th- Canada Closed for Winter Recess
  • January 16th- Martin Luther King Day- Classroom and Canada closed