The Boulevard Beat

A Monthly Newsletter from SBS - May 2016 Edition

The Principal's Place

Dear SBS Community,

As we approach the end of this school year, I want to be sure to express the sincere appreciation that the SBS staff feels for the PTO and parent community. The partnership that we share is truly special, and the results are easily noticeable in our children. Their daily energy, enjoyment and engagement at school begins and ends with your support at home, and the results create genuine feelings of pride and community.

From our trip to Yankee Stadium last summer through our Blue Ribbon Flag Raising Ceremony in May, this year has been filled with experiences, events, accomplishments, and most importantly, meaningful learning. We are now returning after a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend and entering the home stretch. Please be sure to stay in touch with our calendar of events, right through clapping out our third graders on the last day of school!

I'd like to close this year by creating the beginnings of a bridge into next year, as we are already looking ahead to some fantastic new developments. Our School District is pursuing several upgrades, including a potential main office move, renovations of a couple of our neediest bathrooms, and a new boiler. Also, working in conjunction with our PTO, our cafeteria is in line for some upgrades. While the District explores all new serving equipment, the PTO has generously gifted an air Hydroxyl Generator which will deodorize and decontaminate the air on our entire lower level. Thanks to the support of the Chatham Education Foundation, we may also have some new furniture that offers more seating and workspace options for our students. Lastly, our generous PTO has supported the installation of a track around the upper field, which will provide countless opportunities for education, exercise and wellness.

Thank you for all of your support and for an amazing school year. I look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks.


Robert Gardella

The Nurse's Nook


Please arrange to have an adult stop by the health office before June 23rd at 12:30pm to pick up your child’s medication. Medication cannot be sent home in student backpacks. All medications remaining after 12:30 on the 23rd will be discarded according to state regulations.

All medication orders should be renewed during the summer for the following school year. Please contact your doctor’s office immediately to have proper forms completed. All district medication forms are available on the district website and can be downloaded at any time. In addition, for your convenience, forms will be available to you in the health office when you stop in for your child’s medications.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! MEDICATION MONDAYS WILL BE HELD AGAIN IN AUGUST! In order to be ready to assist your child on the first day of school, all medications and orders will be collected in August during my annual “Medication Mondays”; Monday, August 15th, Monday, August 22nd and Monday, August 29th. When you stop by the Health Office to retrieve your child’s medications in the next few weeks, you will be asked to sign up for a time on one of these days.

Is your child off to LAF? If you have medications and orders to drop off or special health concerns to discuss with the LAF nurse, Mrs. Kelly, please stop by her office between 10am and 2pm on Monday August 8th, Monday August 15th or Monday August 29th. No appointment necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (973) 457-2509 x 3.

Thank you!

Karen Leister

Mrs. Leister's Epi-pen Rap


Library Lowdown

Wow! The school year is almost over! Wishing all of the SBS families a great summer!

Just want to take this time to thank all of our parent library volunteers. We could not have done it without you! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, time, and dedication throughout the year. Special thanks to the P.T.O. library chairperson, Mrs. Sasaki for coordination of the volunteer schedule.

Students - Please bring all your books back to the library by Friday, June 3rd! If students are working on projects and need the books, they may keep them until finished.

Please remember to have your child read and/or read to your child this summer!

The Library of the Chathams has a summer reading program. This year it is called Ready, Set,...Read! It will focus on exercise and nutrition. They will be visiting SBS on Wednesday, June 8th to speak to the students about joining the program.


Thomas Kleinbauer: Learning to Ski With Mr. Magee

Nicklaus Sasaki: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Crime Fighter Collection

The Design Den

Welcome Families, to the Design Den!

What has been happening in Design and Technology this month?

Kindergarten: Students are creating habitats for an animal that they researched. Ask your child to share details of a their animal’s habitat.

1st Grade: Students are creating trellises to help plants grow taller. Ask your child to explain why farmers and engineers needed to make plants grow “up”? What was the problem?

2nd Grade: Students are collaborating on Google Slides to present their landfill system designs to their peers. Ask your child to explain how they collaborate on one Google Slides document. If possible, ask them to show you how to share a slide with someone.

3rd Grade: Students are creating water filtration systems out of household materials.

Ask your child to explain what the problem was and how their engineering design group is using their filtration materials to make water as clear as possible.

Have A Wonderful Summer!!

Ms. Stojanov (Ms. S)

THROW-BACK TUESDAY....................CIRCA 1968

PTO Posts

It's the home stretch!

As we head into these last few weeks of the school year, I would like to say thank you to all of the parents and families that have supported the PTO this year. We had a full slate of events that we simply could not execute without your time and energy. Our committee chairs have been exceptional this year and have made my job infinitely easier as a result.

Thank you, too, to all the teachers and staff for making Southern Boulevard such a wonderful experience for our children. The stewardship of Mr. Gardella and the perfect front office pair, Mrs. Kepler and Mrs. Bischoff, also helped make this year a breeze for all of us in the PTO! We hope you all felt the love during our annual Staff Appreciation Week which was expertly executed by our committee, chaired by Scharmagne Volovich. It's just a small representation of how thankful we are for everyone at SBS!

We hope all of our attendees at the golf outing (golfers, tennis players and dinner attendees alike!) had a great time at the 2016 Tee Off with SBS. The energy was high all day despite the chill in the air! The event was a seamless success thanks to our exceptional committee chairs Melissa Bailey and Emily Wurdemann alongside their dedicated committee.

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

* 6/2 Pizza Parlor Day Last chance for pizza!

* 6/3 Field Day Loads of outdoor fun for the whole school (6/10 rain date)

* 6/23 Third Grade Breakfast Our departing third graders will enjoy a quick celebratory breakfast in the cafeteria before heading off for memory book distribution and signing

A few additional thank yous to our dedicated volunteers:

* An extended round of applause for our year-round volunteers for their continued commitment: Art Aide Coordinators Lisa Ruddy and Stacy Nacinovich; Library Aide Coordinator Nancy Sasaki; Pizza Parlor Day chairs Sharon Moran and Jenn Duignan; ASE gurus Jen Newman, Susan Trasino, Carol Soos and Kari Askins, Hospitality chair Ashley Dunn, Working Parents Network chair Stacy Soltis, Box Tops Coordinator Cristina Antenen, and Board of Ed Observer Bridget Pelosi.

* A belated thank you to Anna Geppel for coordinating the Art Show that accompanied the school's Thank You Tea. Hopefully everyone had a chance to see their child's masterpieces on display!

* A singing and dancing thank you to LoraMarie Copeland and her outstanding committee for organizing our third grade talent show, SBS's Got Talent! How heartwarming it was to see our brave students take the stage and show off their talents!

And of course, one last thank you to our faithful and dedicated PTO Executive Board: VP Jennifer Donoghue, Treasurer Christine Zukowsky, Secretary Emily Wurdemann and Assistant Treasurer Stacy Nacinovich. I have been lucky to work with this terrific group of people and am so thankful for their support and guidance throughout the year. Good luck to Jennifer and her team next year! I know it'll be a great one!

Mae Hacking

2015-2016 SBS PTO President

Dancing in the Dark with Ishir Rao

SBS's Got Talent!

SBS's Got Talent! Grand Finale!

SBS's Got Talent! Grand Finale

Dinnertime Conversations...

Tired of the same old responses when you ask your children how their day went? Check here for some conversation starters!

Ask your kindergartner:

1. Can you name words in the "at" family?

2. What does it mean to sort by more than one attribute?

3. Can you name a community rule?

Ask your first grader:

1. Can you name some 3D shapes? What are vertices?

2. Can you make shapes from other shapes?

3. What "How-To" book are you writing?

Ask your second grader:

1. What are some interesting things you learned at the Grow-a-Row field trip? (Hint: asparagus)

2. Which do you think is the most interesting habitat we've learned about so far? Why?

3. What are some things you do in the a.m. hours and what are some things you do in p.m. hours?

Ask your third grader:

1. Ask your child to reflect on their time at SBS. What are their favorite memories?

2. We will be visiting Lafayette School on Thursday. After the visit, ask your child what their thoughts are on their new school?

3. Talk about making a "summer bucket list" with your child. What are some things they would like to do this summer?