Inventions K-1

MP3 Week 10

This Week's Mission: Submit by Sunday 3/20/16!

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  • Week 3: Think it!: Invention idea!
  • Week 5: Explore it!: Research your invention!
  • Week 7: Sketch it!: Design sketch!
  • Week 8: Create it!: Begin designing your prototype!
  • Week 8: Try it!: What do others think?
  • Week 8: Tweak it!: Improve it!
  • Week 9: Sell it!: Create an ad!
  • Week 10: Send me your permission slip!

This Week's Mission: Sending me your permission slip!

This Week's Mission:
  • Click on the link below to print out and sign the ePals permission slip!
  • Please send me your signed permission slip by Sunday 3/20/16!
  • Submit your permission slip through the Moodle submission link!
  • If you choose not to enter in the contest, that is fine, just type in the Moodle submission box that you do not wish to enter.

*You do not lose any points for choosing to not enter in the contest, however, you must still participate in the mission for course credit!

*I apologize for the short notice in returning the permission slip! The ePals contest team recently changed the submission deadline.

Important Video or Audio Info!

If you are adding video or audio to your presentation, all you need to do is drag it into your google drive folder and then paste the URL link on the slide you wish to have the video shown. I will convert it for you!
Click Here: ePals Permission Slip

Click the link above to print out, sign, and return through the Moodle submission box! Please return by Sunday 3/20/16!

Questions? Watch Virtual Lesson Recording Below!

Click Here: Virtual Lesson Recording from last week!

No Question of the Week to answer this week! However, the lesson recording will show you many examples of how to "Sell it!"

What to submit in Moodle?

  • If you haven't already, please paste the link to your ePals Slide Presentation!
  • A signed permission slip if you wish to participate in the contest OR just write in the Moodle submission box that you do not wish to participate in the contest!

ePals Spark Lab! Invent It Challenge!

Click here to explore the challenge and get inspired!

See you in cyberspace!