By Isaiah Mckoy

What was the change?

The change was how the explosion of art, culture, and dance help people come out of bondage of lack of the people's feelings and the dark ages ages and express thier personalilty to the public.Also the emphasis on indivivual and intereaction between peopleand of the social personalilty of people. Then the creation of the middle class made The finace of Italy better.As the plauge brought the population down, the new class emerged. Bankers, merchants, had a new market for the services of the people of Italy

Who were the people assocaited with the change?

Their were thousands of atrists/designers that made beautiful paintings and sculptuers.But the three main artists that was the face of art at this time was Da vinci, Michealangelo, and leonardo.WIth Da vinci's World known painting, the Mona Lisa.Also Michelanglo's sculptor of ''The Pieta''.Also as time past, his sculptors was knoen as masterpieces.

How did the change impact society at the time?

This change impacted of how Europe was. A dark aged place and time,from the into a new culture of art and culture. Also as the new middle class came and made the finace and the equalilty of money all over italy and the civilation.This made Italy, especially Florence almost the control of western part of europe

How was that change evidence in today's morden socirty

In today, thier is alot of evidence we have of the rennasance.Of the priceless mona lisa and the statue of david.Both have been shown in all aspects of life. shown in movies stories about the statue and riddles about the paintings and sluptors of Da vinci and Michealangelo.Also the whole the city of florence and the art left for millions to see and future generations