Week Five

Using assessment to drive learning

Assessment of learning OR for learning

All of us have spent a good portion of our lives taking one assessment or another. While assessments will likely continue to be a large part of our educational experiences, their purposes and functions are changing. This week, we will explore the difference between assessment of learning versus assessment for learning and how the substitution of one little word makes a huge difference in how assessments are used to drive learning. We will also examine the idea of data-driven decision making and highlight factors that influence how educators can use data to improve their lessons and the learning their students undertake. Lastly, we will examine the ways in which technology can assist in predicting student performance and making the work of the teacher easier

Key factors to consider for assessments

We have all taken assessments in school with mixed results. Some have probably been helpful to your learning while others have been rather worthless. What makes the difference between the two? While there are several things we could point to some of the most important factors are whether the assessment is valid, reliable and transparent.

Check out the video below to gain more insight into what these factors mean.

Professionalism - Valid & Reliable Assessment

Formative vs. Summative assessment

Al tests are not created equal and all do not serve the same purpose. The shift that is continuing to occur in schools is that assessment being used to drive learning rather than simply b a determination of learning. Formative assessments are used to drive learning and help the teacher make frequent decisions about what they are learning and what next steps are to occur in the learning process. Summative assessment are a means of looking back on learning.

How do you data to drive instruction?