Australian Federation

Cause and Effect of Australian Federation

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What Is Federation?

*Federation is when states, colonies and territories join as one, to become a nation!

*On the 1st of Janurary, 1901 Australia became a nation!

* The states, colonies and territories which joined where: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania!

* Did you know when all these states and territories united they made the Commonwealth of Australia and this is how Australia made an independent nation!

*This whole process is known as federation!!!

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Why Did Federation Happen?

* Federation happened because Australia wanted to become an independent and a federated nation; country!

* After the result of federation, Australia made its own Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Australia)!

* Federation also happened so that artists could be now known as a Australian artist. If Australia did not have federation it would almost feel like we are baby sit by England!

* In 1888 the 6 British colonies found out that they were to small to defend themselves from any attack or offence so federation also happened for that reason!

* When federation happened it made Australia's population rise in 1000's!

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Who Was Involved In The Federation Process?

* The key people who were involved in federation were: Andrew Inglis Clark, Samuel Griffith, Alfred Deakin, John Quick, Sir Richard Baker, Sir Robert Randolph Garren, Charles Kingston and Sir Henry Parkes!

* Many artists were involved in Federation because they wanted to Federation happen!

* Artists wanted federation to happen because they wanted to be recognized as an Australian!

* As we all know Edmund Barton was Australia's first Prime Minister, he was also into the idea for federation to happen. After federation Edmund Barton was chosen to be Prime Minister because he was intelligent, he was with a calm temper and had a sense of humor!

* Sir Henry Parkes was a person who wanted federation to happen. He wasn't like the kind of person who was like ''maybe federation is good,'' he was "like federation is a great idea for Australia!"

* Sir Henry Parkes (the father of federation) is remembered for his draft constitution which shaped the Australian rules and laws. He drew up this constitution in his speech which is remembered as the Tenterfield speech held in his honour at a banquet!

When Where The Following Born And When Did They Die:

Andrew Inglis Clark:

Born: February 24, 1848

Died: November 14, 1907

Samuel Griffith:

Born: June 21, 1845

Died: August 9, 1920

Alfred Deakin:

Born: August 3, 1856

Died: October 7, 1919

John Quick:

Born: April 14, 1852

Died: June 17, 1932

Sir Richard Baker:

Born: June 22, 1842

Died: March 18, 1911

Sir Robert Randolph Garren:

Born: February 10, 1867

Died: January 11, 1957

Charles Kingston:

Born: October 22, 1850

Died: May 11, 1908

Sir Henry Parkes:

Born: May 27, 1815

Died: April 27, 1896

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Questions About Edmund Barton:

1. Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?

2. What was Edmund Barton like?

3. What did Edmund Barton command when he spoke?

Prime Ministers (1901-2015)

Edmund Barton 1901-1903

Chris Watson 1904-1904

George Reid 1904-1905

Alfred Deakin 1909-1910

Joseph Cook 1913-1914

Andrew Fisher 1914-1915

Billy Hughes 1915-1923

Stanley Bruce 1923-1929

James Scullin 1929-1932

Joseph Lyons 1932-1939

Earle Page 1939-1932

Arthur Fadden 1941-1941

John Curtin 1941-1945

Frank Forde 1945-1945

Ben Chifley 1945-1949

Robert Mensies 1949-1966

Harolt Holt 1966-1967

John McEwen 1967-1968

John Gorton 1968-1971

William McMahon 1971-1972

Gough Whitlam 1972-1975

Malcolm Fraser 1975-1983

Bob Hawke 1983-1991

Paul Keating 1991-1996

John Howard 1996-2007

Julia Gillard 2010-2013

Kevin Rudd 2013-2013

Tony Abbott 2013-?

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How Did Federation Change Australia?

* Federation changed Australia by making it a popular nation which gave people lots of jobs, money and a better life!

* But not all of the effects of federation were positive, with all of these new people coming from all over the world, especially from China, the original Aussies jobs were becoming scarce with all of these new Chinese people coming in working for longer hours and less pay Aussie jobs were becoming hard to get!

* It made more and more people come to Australia because it was a lot better than their own nation's life!

* After the federation-referendum, lots more referendums benefiting Australia came about for e.g.: The referendum allowing aboriginal people to vote (1967) and to have the rights to be regular Australians, as well as being able to leave Australia!

* Federation also changed Australia by allowing many different cultures/people to immigrate into Australia!

* Federation also allowed the six colonies to come together to make the perfect nation!

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Why is federation considered to be such an important event?

* If federation didn't happen, the chances are that we wouldn't be here right now. In our opinion (as in Barath and Andrew) we think that federation is an important event because it shaped the 6 colonies to become Australia!

* Since federation was established, Australia had more and more people immigrating to Australia for a better life with more choices!

* Federation is considered to be such an important event because it finally made all six colonies to become one awesome nation!

* Federation is also an important event because when the six colonies came together our army forces became more powerful than ever before and made other countries nervous of Australia if they were to attack us!

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