By: Kalie Moore

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a liver condition or inflammation of the liver.

How Is Hepatitis Transmitted?

- It can be transmitted through blood or other body fluids

-The most common way is from unprotected sex

-Shared needles increase the risk or non- sterilized needles

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What Are Symptoms Of Hepatitis?

- yellowing of the skin and eyes


-Nausea, vomiting, and lose of appetite

-Abdominal pain (on the upper right side)

-light colored bowel movements

- dark-colored urine

How to Treat Hepatitis?

A blood test helps determine if a person has hepatitis. For hepatitis B, medications can be a form of treatment, bur a cure is not always guaranteed.

What are Some Problems That Occur From Hepatitis?

- It can destroy a person's liver

- Lead to cirrhosis, meaning permanent scarring on liver

- Liver cancer

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How Can You Prevent Hepatitis?

- A vaccine can be given by a doctor, which contains antibodies against the virus

- Don't have unprotected sex

-Be sure tattoo or piercing needles are sterilized

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