By: Matt Kraydich 1st Hr

Overall Economic Freedom Score: 72.7
World Rank: 23

Quick Facts on Sweden in Comparison to USA

Population: 9.6 Million People v 316.4 Million People

Gross Domestic Product: $396.8 Billion v $16.8 Trillion

GDP Growth %: 1.5% v 1.9%

GDP per Capita: $41,118 v $53,101

Percent of Unemployed People: 8% v 7.5%

Inflation (CPI): 0.0% v 1.5%

FDI Inflow (Foreign Direct Investment): $8.1 Billion

Legal System

Corruption of government and such is kept to a minimal in Sweden. This encourages investors to invest in the economy knowing it will be fair.

Competitive Markets

Market mechanisms that were introduced in the past two decades have set a foundation for Sweden's competitive market. Reforms have reduced the government's role in their economy. This leads to Sweden's business freedom score to be one of the highest in the world.

Limits on Government Regulation

Limits on government regulation have allowed Sweden's markets and economies to expand and freely grow.

Efficient Capital Market

The fact that Sweden treats foreign and domestic investors equally allows them to create a capital market that is efficient. These investors allow their economy to flourish.

Monetary Stability

Fiscal responsibility remains central to the Swedish government's policy proposals, which promotes monetary stability. This will lead to economic process.

Low Tax Rates

The overall tax burden is equal to approximately 44.3% of their domestic economy, If they got this burden to be less of the economy, they would have more expansion.

Free Trade

Foreign investors are encouraged to invest in Sweden's economy because of its low trade barriers. This encourages free trade.
Sweden and the Euro- Glad to be out
The video above explains how Sweden avoided much of the problems and trouble involving the Euro because they do not use the euro.