The Patrick Henry Post

February 11th, 2022

Happy School Counselors' Week to Mrs. Gregory!

Mrs. Crystal Gregory has been our school counselor since August, 2021, but it feels like she has been a part of our family for years! Mrs. Gregory has a kind, silly, and fun way about her that immediately puts people at ease and lets children feel like they can be themselves around her. Mrs. Gregory completed her first year as a school counselor in the Riverview Gardens School District, but she wanted to play more of a relational role in a school setting. She joined Patrick Henry in order to find the right balance between the paperwork side of school counselor life and the social/emotional/relational support side of being a counselor. Mrs. Gregory joined the Leadership Team and became the class clown among us - she always has something silly to keep us laughing, but she always has a sincerity about her to show she cares. She has become a true team player, and moves from task to task to make sure that every classroom is covered, every child is well cared for, and every teacher feels supported.

Mrs. Gregory, we have truly enjoyed having you on our team this year, and we appreciate everything you do! Happy School Counselors' Week to YOU!

Happy Frozen Friday!

On Friday, February 11th, we celebrated "Frozen Friday," where we invited staff and students to wear their Disney attire. The Patrick Henry community could wear pajamas, sweatshirts, tshirts, mouse ears, and colors of their favorite characters from Disney movies. Take a look at some of the fun outfits of the day!

Highlights from This Week

Guided Reading and Collaborative Groups

Ms. Jackson's students were highly engaged in their small group centers during their Guided Reading time last week even when they were not meeting with Ms. Jackson at the Guided Reading table. Students were able to explain exactly what a compound word was and the rules around creating and spelling compound words.

Technology in Education

Though technology like iPads provides opportunities for fun games and socializing, we utilize our technology for educational purposes that combine academic and social fun time together. Students are engaged in learning while they also collaborate with one another, earn points, build out avatars, and become even more technologically advanced!

Morning Meeting

Our classrooms have a wonderful way to start their day - a morning meeting with their peers and teacher! Each classroom does it just a little differently. This week, Ms. Ivory and Ms. Jackson's class allowed Dr. Rogers to participate in the fun and welcoming routine, and it was so encouraging to hear from students as soon as they entered the classroom. It was also special to see how each grade level has their own age-appropriate routines - kudos to our teachers for creating such welcoming environments every day!

Cross-Curricular Collaborations

This week we saw art, music, and academic content all rolled into one in several classrooms. Ms. Gonzalez had her ukulele out while students got to color their favorite SpongeBob characters playing a ukulele. Ms. Godfrey's co-teaching project with COCA and second grade allowed her the time to pull a small group of students to work on the art elements of their Black History Month Talent Show program. Ms. Jami's class continued working on their dance for their performance and they were so focused on their dance that they did not even notice their principal snapping photos!

Keeping It Moving!

It might be chilly outside and difficult to exercise in the winter months, but our students are staying active! With our AIM Zones in every classroom, outdoor and indoor recess, PE class with Mrs. Ralphs, and our "brain breaks" in our academic day, we know how to get kids moving! It is so important to keep children moving, dancing, playing, and enjoying the physical side of life to keep them healthy and happy! Take a look at photos from this week's physical activities in PE (learning how to jump with two feet) and at recess (crazy St. Louis weather means there's snow on the ground but it's 50 degrees outside). For resources of how to keep children active even in the winter months, see below!

Walking Tall

Marliyah was spotted on her way back to class after working with Reading Specialist, Ms. Evans. Marliyah proudly showed off her latest reading level - an M!!!! - and you could see her moving through the building with the pride of a child who knows they are growing and learning. Congratulations, Marliyah!

The rest of our students who are working in their classrooms every day are also showing growth! We are so excited to say that for the first time in years, EVERY SINGLE CLASS showed significant reading growth from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year! KEEP IT UP, PATRICK HENRY! You are amazing readers and you are growing every single day!

New Donations

Webster University in St. Louis donated a beautiful arrangement of new and used books for our staff to take advantage of, and it was a frenzy for our teachers to choose their books. We are so thankful for this donation and the way it impacts our students to have beautiful books on topics that are exciting and interesting to them!

Ms. Jackson's class received their latest supplies from DonorsChoose, new hats and gloves to combat the winter cold. The students enjoyed them so much that they convinced Ms. Jackson to go outside for recess even with snow still on the ground!

S.T.A.R. Winners in Related Arts

Congratulations to our amazing STAR winners from this week for meeting the high expectations for every Related Arts class this week! Keep up the great work!!!

This week's winners found something personalized for their interests - Pokemon cards, puffy keychains, bendy pencils, and a fantastic lunch box. Keep working hard in Related Arts so that YOU can be the next one to take a treasure dive!

Reminders for Upcoming February Events

Valentine's Day

Monday, February 14th

We invite all students to wear red or any Valentine's Day attire that is school-appropriate. It is up to each teacher to determine whether or not a Valentine's Day party will be held. If you wish to send your child with valentines for their classmates, please ensure you have enough for every child in the class.

No School: Professional Development

Friday, February 18th

There will be no school while teachers attend a district-wide day of professional development.

No School: Presidents' Day

Monday, February 21st

There will be no school in honor of Presidents' Day.

Black History Month Talent Show

Friday, February 25th

Join us for our live, virtual performance from 1:00-2:30pm. The link to the event will be emailed to you, posted on our website, and communicated through our classroom teachers.