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3rd & 4th Graders: Veterans Day Performance

2nd Graders: Second Grade Musical "It's Snowtime!"

K-4th: Global Read Aloud & the 5 Senses

Veterans Day Performance

Veteran Slide Show

Every year GES puts together a slide show to honor our GES Veterans. If you know of a veteran that you would like to be honored, please send a picture with the name of the Veteran and which military branch they are/were in. And we'd love to include them in the slide show. If you sent a picture in last year, please just email the name and that you want to use the same information from last year. Please email all pictures to the following address: Pictures will be due November 1st. Thank you in advance!

Veterans Day Performance

The Geist Elementary Veterans Day Performance is on Thursday, November 11th. 3rd graders will perform at 6pm and 4th graders will perform at 7pm. Due to the pandemic, we will be requesting that all performers wear a mask and highly recommend all audience members to wear a mask as well. Each student can have 2 people in attendance at their performance time along with any veterans. Each veteran may bring a significant other or care taker. They do not need to have a Safe Visitor Badge. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but in order to have an in-person performance, students will need to be distanced and cohorted on the bleachers which will only allow so much space for an audience. Thank you for your help!


Students will be wearing red, white, and/or blue. We will also have a lot of veterans and grandparents in attendance so having them dress up if possible would be great! If you need to add a neutral color like black, gray, or khaki, that would be fine too. Masks do not need to be any particular color or pattern. Email me if you have any questions.

Adult Volunteers Still Needed

-Stage Set Up/Decorating (11/9 2:30-5pm) (Adults may bring their students with them.)

-Create Slideshow of the Veteran Pictures using PowerPoint or iMovie. (Finished by 11/10)

-Tear Down (11/11 7:30-8:15pm)

-3rd Grade Video Tape (11/11 5:30pm, Monitor School Provided iPad during performance)

-4th Grade Video Tape (11/11 6:40pm, Monitor School Provided iPad during performance)

-4th Grade Computer/Video (11/11 6:40pm, Play/stop a few videos during the performance.)

-3rd Grade Computer/Video (11/11 5:30pm, Play/stop a few videos during the performance)

Please email Mrs. K ASAP if you are able to help. Thanks in advance!

2nd Grade Musical

2nd grade has already started practicing for the 2nd grade musical in December. The performance date still needs to be finalized but we're hoping for December 9th. We are really hoping to have some in-person performances this year. However with the pandemic and regulations constantly changing, we do not know what performances will look like until we get closer. For now, we are planning on an in-person performance on December 9th. . It could be in-person, zoomed live, and/or pre-recorded. Thank you for your patience & flexibility!

Speaking Part Auditions

11/16 at 7am will be the speaking part auditions. Audition information and lines are on Canvas. Then, those that are chosen will have an extra practice on the stage the week of the performance. Auditions are optional and must be completed by 11/19 at 3pm.


FRIEDLE: Wear Gray, Navy, Dark Blue, &/or Black clothes. Please no graphics or writing on clothes if at all possible.

BRADBURN & COOK: -Wear all black clothes & shoes. You can also wear white if absolutely necessary. Penguin Costume will be provided.

RADER: -Wear all black and white clothes & shoes. Dress up if possible. Please no graphics or writing on clothes if at all possible. Plastic Top Hat provided.

FRAZER: Winter Clothes/Gloves/Scarves/Hats/Coats etc. Any Color or pattern. Preferably no writing or graphics on clothing.

CAUGHMAN: Wear Pink, Blue, &/or Green Warm Clothes/Coats/Hats/Gloves/Scarves (Shovels Provided)

DIAMOND: An email was sent out next month with the color assignments. Please wait to find out if your student is color scheme 1, 2 or 3. Please do the best you can. I understand that it may not be perfect. Each color is representing a character in the musical. Feel free to turn shirts inside out if you need to. Let me know if you have any questions.

1. White/Cream/Or super light khaki

2. Gray/Silver

3. Mostly Browns or Dark Tans if possible then fill in with Black wherever you need to

Practicing Contest

I’m able to view on Canvas when and how long each student practices their music and choreography. I’d like to challenge all of the 2nd graders to a contest. The top 10 students that have practiced the most minutes from 11/1-12/6 will get a special prize from me! Videos and music have been uploaded then later the script for everyone to practice. Each class sings two songs and one. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve already emailed out how to get to Canvas but here it is again.

Global-wide Read Aloud & Related Arts Collaboration

During rotation 2, the Related Arts Team has been focusing on the global-wide read aloud author and illustrator Duncan Tonatiuh. There were two books of his that related to music! "Danza!" & "Esquivel!". Along with listening to Danza!, we watched folklorico baile and danced some of the steps. Esquivel we did a dance freeze to his music. This unit was really fun and I was really inspired by learning about such amazing talents!

I want to thank Mrs. Pidcock for coming up with this great collaboration idea! I'd also like to thank Ms. Allie, teacher from life skills, for sharing her daughters costumes! What a pleasure!

READ ALOUD with Mr. Manny | Danza! | LRRMA

Folklorico Baile

Ballet Folklórico México Danza - Jalisco (San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2016)
Big picture
Big picture

Family Discussion

I showed this video in music class during rotation 2. We discussed the 5 senses and what musicians and dancers need to perform. This video shatters those thoughts. The professional musicians are visually impaired and the professionally dancers are hearing impaired. The video is fascinating and thought provoking! Enjoy!
Dancing Without Sound, Performing Without Sight


Canvas is used a lot for music classes especially grades that have performances. All practice materials can be found on Canvas so that students can practice from home. Seeing students every 5 weeks makes it very difficult to prepare for a performance but we're going to try anyway! Please encourage your student/s to practice from home on the weeks they do not have music class. Even if it's just 15 minutes a week. Thank you in advance for your help!

How can I view my student/s Canvas Account?

Spring Performances

1st & 3rd Grade Demo Days!

1st & 3rd grade will have a demo day on the Thursday they have music class February 3rd-March 3rd. Families will be able to zoom into music class during their normal class time to participate and join us for music class. Details will got out in January.

4th Grade Performance

4th Grade performance will be in April or May. We don't have an exact date yet due to the weekly Related Arts Rotation. I need to see each class enough times to prepare them. Details will go out in January.

Kindergarten Performance

The Kinder performance will take place in May outside. Details and a date will be sent out in January.