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October 10, 2017

Dear choir parents,

I am so thrilled with the start to this choir year!! First of all, I am so impressed with YOU!! This is the first year that I have had all items on the parent check list completed within the first week of choir. You are also doing very, very well with drop off and getting your kiddos to school on time for choir. I am a mom of kids going 2 different ways and I know the sacrifice it takes to get everyone up, dressed, fed and where they need to go so early in the morning. Thank you!!

And then there's your kids!! Wow! The choir is sounding so good already. They are awake and focused when they come in. They have been respectful and picked up on all of our morning routines so quickly. We are already singing in harmony! Ask your child about it!

I can't wait for you to hear our music in October at a newly added choir event - see below.

With a song in my heart,

Mrs. Ramsey

Harvest Festival Concert

The choir's first public concert will be held at the Faith UMC Harvest Festival on Sunday afternoon, October 22nd. We are invited to sing at this fun event every year and it always proves to be a family favorite! The event is from 3:00-6:00pm, with our concert at 4:15pm. We will sing all 5 of our fall performance songs for the festival crowd. You may come early or stay late to enjoy the FREE festivities: rock wall, laser tag, inflatables, pumpkin pictures, mechanical bull, and more!! Bring some extra cash if you would like to eat some barbecue or snacks.

Parents will provide transportation to this event. Students will wear their casual uniform: navy choir t-shirt and blue jeans or jean shorts.

Though this event is not required, it is highly encouraged. We are representing our school and our award winning choir and we sound best if EVERY choir member is present. Please take the time to add this to your schedule. For extra encouragement, the grade level teachers have allowed me to give out an all-subjects homework pass to all choir students in attendance. It can be used at your convenience. You won't regret it! It's fun for the whole family!

Uniform Shopping

The choir shirts should arrive sometime this week. School uniforms are quickly going out of season in stores, so don't wait until the last minute to buy rest of the choir uniform:

  • plain, full-length khaki pants
  • dark brown shoes (not tennis shoes)
  • dark brown belt

I have examples of the right and wrong uniform parts on the documents page of the website and in Charms. Start shopping now in case you find that you need to order a specific size online. Students will need to wear their uniform to school for our first field trip on October 25th.

First Field Trip

Our first choir field trip will be on October 25 to Grace Care Center of Katy and a park to have a picnic lunch. Permission slips and more details will go home on Thursday. If you are interested in being a chaperone for this field trip, you may sign up in Charms today!

Policy Review

We are more than half way through the first 9-weeks and this is a great time to remind you of the grade and attendance requirements.

Grades: Students must maintain all S's in EVERY area of conduct on their report card to participate in clubs. Conduct grades cannot be brought up. As soon as your child falls to an N, he/she will be removed from choir.

  • N = 4 marks in one area (work habits, self-control, COMPLETES HOMEWORK)
  • N = 6 marks over all (from various areas)

Students getting discipline referrals of any kind (including bus referrals) will be dismissed from choir.

It is the parent's responsibility to monitor conduct marks by signing the agenda daily. I check with the homeroom teachers every week.

Choir Attendance: unexcused absences are absences from rehearsal in which the student is present at school.

  • 1 free unexcused absence per semester
  • 2nd unexcused absence = misses the next field trip
  • 3rd unexcused absence = dismissed from choir
  • Tardies add up: every 3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence (7:06-7:14)
  • Tardies at 7:15 or later = 1 unexcused absence

ALL communication about absences and tardies is appreciated!

It is the parent's responsibility to monitor absences and tardies in Charms. If you have any questions or think something is wrong, please email me!

You may review all other choir policies in the documents section on the website and charms - titled Welcome and Handbook. It is always available for your convenience.

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