Comparing book to a movie

By:Jackie Lopez

The Difference between The Book of The Scent of Lilacs and the movie of The Secret Life Of Bees

In the book of The Scent of Lilacs and the movie The Secret Life Of bees, the difference between them is that in The Scent of Lilacs was all about how each one in the family has a hard time in life but lives happily.The narrator in the book is Jocelyn Brooke,she wants to find the truth about what everyone she loves is keeping a secret from her and they dont want the secret to be told.In the movie,The Secret Life of Bees is all about racisms, how each one experiences a new life and how they changed.The narrator is Lily Owens,she suffered a tradegy in the past and ran away from her abusive father.Lily wants a new life experience and search for the truth about her mother.

Contrast The Book and The Movie

In the book, The Scent Of Lilacs and the movie,The Scecret Life of Bees, both are similar because they both suffered something from the past and present from searching the truth about their family of their family secret.Also, Lily Owens and Jocelyn Brooke relate to one another because they both wanted to know the truth about who their mother is and what she did in the past.The both have families who lover them for who they are and forgave their families and theirselves for the mistake they did in the past.

Did the changes helped or take away from the stories?

The changes helped in the Scent of Lilacs and the Secret Life of Bess helped from the story because knowing the truth about their own families made the realize that in life no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes that they learn from it.Most people forgive themselves for what they did in life and move on like in The Secret Life of Bees,Lily Owens forgave herself and her mother for what they both did in the past.On the other hand, in the book,The Scent of Lilacs, Jocelyn, despite of the false rumors that her father wasn't her father,she doubt it and ran away from the truth but she made a mistake of doubting who her real father is and learned the truth about her mother abandoning her and not wanting her but she looked on the other side that she can forgeth what her mother did to her in the past and move on with a real family who really loves her.
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Why do you think they made those changes?

I think in The Scent of Lilacs and The Secret Life of Bees made these changes because depite of families mistakes in the past,both narrator in both stories gave them a second chance in life to be happy with their family who loves them.They were also mature because the forgave themselves and their families because everyone makes mistakes for what they did in the past but you are with a family who is worth loving.