"The price of greatness is responsibility." - W. Churchill

Definition please

Give your BEST definition in 15 words or less.

"Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it's addressed to someone else." ~Ivern Ball

Find a quote about responsibility and then interpret what you think the author is trying to say.

Ordinary to EXTRAordinary


Do some searching and find 3 everyday people who you believe did something EXTRAordinary and are great models of responsibility. Give a brief summary why.

Dave Knoll Finds His Soul

While watching the video make a list of all the things that are realistic and those that are unrealistic.

Second Line

Watch the following video and explain the symbolism of the people following the man.

The Sound I Saw

Watch the following video and explain how responsibility is at work in this video. (There are many examples)

Prodigy: The Responsibility Project [short film]
Responsibility Project/ Transit