Emile Durkheim

By: Emily Naugle


Emile Durkheim was born in France April 15, 1858. He and his family were devoted to the Jewish religion. When he was older Durkheim attended école normale supérieure where he majored in philosophy. After graduating in 1882 he taught at a French school. Later on in 1887 he married Louise Dreyfus and eventually had two children. Eventually after many accomplishments Durkheim hit rock bottom when his son died in combat. Two years after his sons death Durkheim died of a stroke November 15, 1917.

Ten Facts

  1. Wrote many books relating to sociology. Such as Suicide, On The Division Of Social Labor, The Rules Of Sociological Method, The Elementary Forms Of Religious Life, etc.
  2. Discovered that people with few social ties were more likely to commit suicide.
  3. Established academic discipline of sociology.
  4. He conjured the sociological method. Which has to do with peoples beliefs and modes of conduct.
  5. Also produced social facts. Which he believed were sociology's subject matter.
  6. Stated the idea that society is an ensemble of peoples beliefs, sentiments, and ideas.
  7. Was the first person to study what exactly holds society together. He discovered and believed that people needed people on an economic level. Meaning people need each other for a functional economy.
  8. Instead of thinking that society acts in self-interest, Durkheim argued that society is a moral entity.
  9. Studied religion and stated that it's a force that individuals have within themselves to adhere to the demands of society.
  10. Stated that there are four types of suicide. Egoistic (more individual), anomic (organic system functioning problems), altruistic (tightly knit groups), and fatalistic (no longer have authority and the only way out is suicide).