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Environment Rating Scale info. and tips - October 2013

Bumbo seats recalled

Bumbo International Trust is conducting a voluntary recall to add a restraint belt and new warnings to the Bumbo® Baby Seat. Infants can maneuver out of or fall from the seat, posing a risk of serious injuries. Working closely with the CPSC, Bumbo has determined that the potential safety issue can be readily corrected in the home by adding a restraint belt. In addition, Bumbo is providing a new warning sticker for consumers to attach to the seat to re-emphasize existing warnings against use of the seat on any raised surfaces.

Consumers should stop using their Bumbo Baby Seats immediately, and visit www. to obtain a free Repair Kit. The kit includes a belt with a new warning sticker, installation instructions, proper use instructions and a new warning sticker. There is no need for consumers to return the Bumbo Baby Seats.

Consumers should take the following actions in conjunction with this voluntary recall:

  • Install and always use the restraint belt.
  • Apply the new warning sticker over the existing warning on the back of the Bumbo Baby Seat.
  • Follow all usage instructions and never use the Bumbo Baby Seat on any raised surface.
  • Discontinue use of Bumbo seat cover accessories that interfere with installation of the restraint belt.

Let's Talk... Accessible

Accessible means children can reach and use materials, furnishings, equipment, and so forth. This does not mean that every child has to have access at all times. For example, access many be limited to a certain number of children in an area or limited to certain times of the day.


Young children are fascinated and curious by the world around them. They use their senses to learn and understand. They need safe, hands-on opportunities to experiment and explore the natural world. Lets talk nature/science.


  • Nature/science includes materials and activities
  • Materials should be geared for the age level you work with


  • A variety of materials that are accessible, well-organized, and in good repair. Can be grouped together or in different areas throughout the room. Must represent nature realistically (what children would normally see in the real world).

Nature/science materials and activities:

  • Infants & toddlers: Pictures, books or toys. Examples include: plastic or rubber animals/insects, puzzles, scent boxes, animal-shaped rattles, large magnets, realistic plastic fruits and vegetables, n/s posters, photos and drawings, and n/s books.
  • Preschool: Categories include the following:
  1. Collections of natural objects: leaves, seashells, rocks, pinecones
  2. Living Things: plants, garden, class pet, window bird feeder
  3. Books, games, toys: All must show nature as it really is
  4. Nature/science activities: Magnets, magnifying glasses, sink and float activity, color paddles
  • School age: Living things to care for, books, posters, games and equipment to use in simple experiments (like measuring tools, magnets, magnifying glasses, microscope, gardening tools)

How many?

  • Infants and toddlers: Aim for at least 2 pictures, books and/or toys
  • Preschool: Aim for one thing from 2 of the 4 categories listed above
  • School age: At least 2 examples in the categories listed above

Above and beyond: Provide outdoor experiences with nature at least two times a week, aim for 3-5 examples in 3 of the 4 categories, and offer more involved n/s activities at least twice a month (cooking, simple experiments).

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Handwashing Changes!

Handwashing times have changed from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. The IdahoSTARS project and the assessment team have been working with facilities to transition them to this increased time. It is essential that all surfaces of the hands be cleaned thoroughly.
Need handwashing tips, demonstrations/classes or help with other health and safety areas? Dial 2-1-1 and ask for the Child Care Health Consultant.

Idaho AEYC has moved

Our new address is 4355 W Emerald St. Suite 250 Boise, ID 83706-2072. Visit us on person or learn more at

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