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A Mid-month Update

Digital Citizenship Week

Thanks to those of you who have jumped onto the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition bandwagon! So far (we only began yesterday AM), we have 124 kids registered and we are in 8th place in the state. For more information, please refer back to Becky Herrmann's email or go to

In the library, we are celebrating Digital Citizenship Week by passing out free bookmarks that remind students how to be good digital citizens. This is something that the whole school can and should be working on throughout the whole year. More information below.

Free Digital Citizenship Posters

Don't Forget to Participate in The Pumpkin People Contest

Book Fair Loyalty Rewards

As a loyal book fair host, our school has been given $5 gift certificates for all teachers. I will be distributing these to teachers to spend at the FALL book fair. This is a great opportunity to purchase books to enhance your classroom library or make a holiday purchase for yourself. If you are not interested in purchasing a book for your classroom or self, please stop by the library during the book fair to make a purchase/donation for the students in our school who may not be able to afford to buy books on their own. I am not able to spend your gift certificate unless you bring it to me (if that makes sense), but I'd be happy to make suggestions.

For those teachers who spend more than $25, the gift certificate will be voided and you will receive the traditional 20% discount (this has been a long-standing tradition). As for the rest of the staff, the 20% discount will still apply to all purchases made.

I hope this makes sense, and we are super excited to see you at our Enchanted Forest Book Fair!

Preview on Friday, 11/2


After school Bookies and Cookies event on Wednesday, 11/7 from 2:30-5:30

Free Books for Kids

"Whether rich or poor, residents of the United States or China, illiterate or college graduates, parents who have books in the home increase the level of education their children will attain, according to a 20-year study."

"Having as few as 20 books in the home still has a significant impact on propelling a child to a higher level of education, and the more books you add, the greater the benefit."- ScienceDaily

As mentioned above, the Library, in conjunction with a few other awesome individuals (thanks to Kimball for sharing that study with me and getting the convo started), is working to get free books into the hands of students. These would be books that students can keep and add to or start their home library. To do this, we are looking for donations of gently used middle school age appropriate books from staff (and we'll eventually be reaching out to the community). The thought is that there are many of you who have children who may have outgrown their book collections. If you are willing to make a donation, books can be dropped off at the LMC.

Donated books will then be distributed in a variety of ways:

  • floating free book cart
  • little free libraries throughout the school
  • holiday gifts
  • hidden books throughout the building at random times
  • book giveaway in February (I love to read month)
  • given to students when they express interest (Hannah and I get a lot of requests throughout the day)
  • any other cool way you may suggest!

If you are someone who wants to get more involved in this effort, please let me know. We are in need of people who may be able to make a (couple) Little Free Libraries and obviously book donations will help make this effort a success.

Thank you so much for your continued investment in our students' futures!