Is cheerleading a sport?

By: Mikal Macias


Some people argue against if cheerleading is a sport or not. Some say that only competitive cheer is a sport not cheerleading for a school event. They say that if cheer was a sport they would have it for just stunts and dances, and that the whole "cheer" thing would have to go. Bill Seely says that "It changes what cheerleading really is." But honestly its the same thing competitive or not your still jumping and doing dances and yelling.

Why evaluations just on cheerleading?

Why do you have to have teacher evaluations to make the cheer squad? You don't have them for basketball or softball. I understand that you want our cheer squad to look good while cheering but there are some kids that are amazing at everything and they cant cheer because their behavior. Cheerleading, basketball, softball, and track are all someone has a choice to do. I think that if cheerleading is going to be evaluated on behavior then basketball and the other sports should be to.

Why I picked this as my passion project.

I picked this as my project because I don't know why you have teacher evaluations on cheerleading and not the other sports and why is it not considered a sport. Cheerleading should be a sport because it takes practice for the cheers, dances and tumbling that you do. Doing this project had made me more determined to figure out why it isn't a sport and why teacher evaluations. This is important to me because anyone who wants to play basketball can but anyone who wants to cheer can't. I think cheerleading is a sport.
Cheerleading Injuries


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