Kennedy's Bucket List

April 2014

Rope Swing

I would like to rope swing at Corona Arch in Moab The arch was caused by wind erosion and physical weathering.
World's Largest Rope Swing

White Water Rafting

I want to go white water rafting in

Noce River, Italy it was formed by physical weathering and by frozen glaciers eroding it .

noce river italy white water rafting

Hiking By A Waterfall

I want to go hiking around a Gullfoss waterfall in South Region, Iceland because it is really pretty. This waterfall was formed by physical weathering. It was also formed by a glacier running through it.
Gullfoss "The Golden Falls" Waterfall in Iceland in HD

Go Camping

I would go camping at High Knob High Country because it is very pretty. I its mountains were formed by wing and running water. Physical weathering occurs here. I would take my family and Anna Kate.
High Knob Panorama World's End State Park, Sullivan County Pennsylvania

Go to New Zealand

I would like to visit Tongariro Alpine Crossing of New Zealand. This Hiking Track was Formed by wind eroding down the sand and rocks. And Physical weathering occurs here.
Tongariro alpine crossing