Nick Stansbury Period 1


-First humans arrive in 35,000 BC.

-Nara was the first capital of Japan, made in 8th century.

-Japan participated in World War II, and surrendered at the end of the war.

-Japan aims to dominate China for vast material reserves and natural resources.



Tokyo is the most cultural based part of Japan. It has gone through many different types of cultures from different parts of the world, but has now created it's own unique culture. A few examples of traditional arts in Tokyo include origami, tea ceremonies, and creating crafts and dolls. Tokyo includes a ton of different festivals and rituals throughout the year, like New Year and matsuris (religious festivals). Tokyo usually doesn't tolerate types of culture from other countries in their own country. It's important to know a lot about Japanese culture before visiting, or else you may risk being seen as impolite!


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Getting There

Flights: Denver to Calgary, to Tokyo.

Cost: $3,330.00


Lodging and Hotel

Hotel Name: Shibuya City Hotel

Hotel Price: $138 per night.

Offers: 2 Restaurants w/ Bar/Lounge, Tour/Ticket Assistance, Laundry services.

Activities/Sites to See

Activity 1: Cruise Trip To Lake Ashi

Description: It is a full day trip (11 hours, 30 minutes). You get to see views of Hakone National Park. People also discover a cultural importance of Lake Ashi.

Cost: $104.91

Activity 2: Bullet Train to Mt Fuji.

Description: This is also a full trip, at 11 hours long. You take the trip on a famous Shinkansen Bullet Train. Don't know much Japanese language? Well, this trip includes an english speaking guide.

Cost: $296.18

Activity 3: Day Tour of Tokyo Tower

Description: Once again, this is another full day trip (11 hours). You can take in panoramic views of the Tokyo Tower. Also, you receive a souvenir map if you'd like to do some exploring.

Cost: $236.82


Problems and Solutions

1. Language

Japan has many complex parts to their language, and it can be very confusing for tourists to deal with.

Solve: I would try to learn as many basic phrases as possible that you'd normally use in your own country. Of course, you won't make a ton of friends in a new country that you're just visiting, so you won't have to be an expert on 'slang' or anything else when talking to people.

2. Food (for some people).

I know that some people will eat anything, so clearly this will not be a problem to some. But like I've mentioned earlier in the flyer, Japan has a lot of diverse culture, including food. So, for the picky people, this may concern you.

Solve: Of course, Tokyo has a lot of variety in places for food, and you're sure to find a few buffets around the city. This will allow you to pick out whatever looks delicious to you! Then you don't have to go scattering around the menu, trying to find something that you find edible.


I choose to go to Tokyo, Japan. I took one of my friends with me. I choose Tokyo because it seemed like a unique place to go. I tried to spend my money as smartly as possible. I think that it worked out well. The only problem I had was trying to find specific information on my activities. I did more research, and it worked out fine.