The Cotton Club New York City

Night Life

Come down to the Cotton Club and join the flappers! You can grab a drink or a smoke, and dance to the coolest music in town. The night life of New York city starts with the flappers. They wear the newest clothing and know all the funnest dance move. And the music isn't bad either! By night flappers engaged in the active city nightlife they frequented at jazz clubs. The flappers smoked, drank, voted, cut their hair, wore showy clothing, wore make-up, and went to clubs.

What were they like?

About the Flappers

Before the the the war and flappers came along the women always had long hair and wear long skirts. after the the war the girls all cut their hair and wore mini skirts. When men went out to war woman had to change their lifestyle. When the men came back from war woman did not want to go back to the way it was before. Now they perform in jazz and vaudeville shows, most of them came from Northern Urban America. They mostly performed in New York City and Chicago, although it began in Britain. Coco Chanel was the main influence for fashion change. The look was boyish. Shorthair, flat chest, and straightened waist. The hemline of the skirts and dresses were above the knee.

Flapper Slang:

Dogs- Feet

Dingle Dangle- A person who uses the phone to much

Hush money- Allowance from a father

Noodle juice- Tea