The Treasure Map

September 17-September 21

The Week in Preview

  • MAP Testing
  • Selle to Rock Wall
  • 2:45 Third and Fourth Grade PLC meetings

  • MAP Testing
  • Austin River Park
  • 3:00 (short and sweet) K-2 MAP Testing Training: This will be held in the computer lab

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • MAP Testing
  • G-H Rock Wall
  • 9:00-10:15-Crystal and Monica to attend mandatory attendance meeting at DO
  • 4th Grade T-Shirt Money Due
  • 2:45 Dr. Moody here for iRock meeting- join us in the library for this conversation if you would like to be up to date about the iRock initiative, timeline and things to come...
  • 2:45 First, Second and Fifth Grade PLC meetings

  • MAP Testing
  • 12:15-1:30 Crystal and Rhonda to attend Kiwanis Meeting
  • 2:45-Office Meeting

  • Carole Cosper's Birthday
  • MAP Testing
  • Terrific Kid Nominations Due

The Fine Points:

The Pirate Way

    • The District Office is in need of Student Engagement Conference presenters, please consider doing this. You can sign up by going to
    • Beginning this week we will be looking for guided reading lesson plans, and guided reading groupings in walk-throughs. If you are not comfortable using the new guided reading lesson plan templates please let us know this before next week!
    • Alarm Calls/Weekend Access to the Building: Due to the number of alarms calls and pending charges for police, if you are working after hours or on weekends please call Crystal at 803-517-9098 before entering and leaving the building.
    • Please remember to send t-shirt money to Ms. Janicke before 9:00 each day so that she can do a reconciliation sheet only once. This makes it easier on her and also on Glenda with bookkeeping.
    • Remember to send your nominations for math/literacy team members to Rhonda before Sunday night! I will ask these nominees if they accept the nomination before sending out a ballot next week.
    • Please send Rhonda the time that you teach writing in the day. This will be used at a later date for professional development integrated into the classroom with Pansy.
    • We met with Chef Drew today regarding the cafeteria. He indicated the following changes taking place. An additional fork dispenser will be ordered, the cafeteria staff will have staggered start/stop times for their days, there will be two people working the K-1 lunch time so they aren't dipping fruits and vegetables. Additional recommendations were made from both Drew and IHES that we are working on.
    • All money should be in the office by 9:00 with a reconciliation form. No money can be left in the building overnight. We must do a bank run daily!
    • All attendance should be taken by 9:00.
    • Ask yourself this about everything you ask a child to do: What am I doing and why am I doing it?