Advertisement- Texas

By: Jason Tran

Advertisement-Texas, Austin's Colony.

For times in life, you don't have a place to settle. Land cost too much, and even being pushed around from place to place. Please, come on down to Texas. Where the land is in cut-rate down to 12.5 cents an acre. Go off to the coast where lies my colony to where 300 families stayed.

I, Austin, Stephen Fuller, your empresario or entrepreneur, a grant to be settle on what is Mexican land. Join the colony with already 300 families what is now the "Old Three-Hundred" , because it's better to be with the once you can trust wherever you are, whenever. Families get 640 acres of land, 320 acres for his wife, 160 acres for each child, and 80 acres for each slaves. A ranching family gets a sitio, or land with 4,428 acres, and a family engaged in farming was to receive one labor, about 177 acres. With this land, you'll have good soil and nutrients for crops.

We have Texas be Annex to be part of United States, from Mexico. This is a land of goods and opportunities. We live for freedom.