6 Reasons on why basketball is cool

By: Kelley Hema

1.) It's attainable and not expensive

Basketball is very affordable because all you really need is a basketball and a court and basketballs are cheep un less you want to buy a nice ball that the pros use.

2.) Readily Accessible

Basketball can be played anywhere and if you want to play all you have to do is just go to a local outdoor court or a local gym.

3.) You can play along with some other individuals.

The best part about basketball is that you can play with 5 of your friends and play pickup games against other people.

4.) Easy to learn Basketball Fundamentals.

As long as you know how to dribble and shoot, you basically know the fundamentals of basketball and if you don't it is easy to learn even just by watching.

5.) Rules are simple.

The rules are pretty simple just follow the basic dribbling rules and avoid hard body contact and you will do just fine.

6.) Accessible basketball camps or clinics.

If you want to improve your skills go to a basketball clinic and they will help you improve on your dribbling, shooting skills, defense, and other basketball abilities

3 most well know players

This sport is fun and exciting


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