Native American Culture

Emily Henderson


Christianity is thier main religion they have combine other elements with it to make it their own. Since there are so many different tribes within Native American culture they don't all have the same beliefs as each other. Many of their beliefs have been passed down verbally.


Native Americans have a number of practices, ceremonies and traditions, one example would be animals. Animals for them were thought as spirits and when they would killed the animals they use the skin for clothing or drums. They also thought the rain and sun were signs from above that the seasons were changing.

Personal Space and Eye Contact

When Native American talk they talk slowly and have long pauses, therefore when talking to them you should talk with a slow pace to make sure they understand. When talking don't use direct eye contact they see that as a sign of disrespect. When communicated with older Native Americans respect is a huge thing. Native Americans also like a lot of personal space when conversing. Also they don't show a lot of emotional reactions it's not respected among their culture.

Extended family

Native Americans extended families play an important role. It's often when a person is sick and in the hospital many of their family members will show up and stay with them. They will want to be apart of the treatment decision making. If they were to need surgery they woud often need consent from the family leader.


Native Americans live in harmony with nature. They use plants for dyes and ceremonies. often when they are sick they will perform ceremonies with plants and things from nature to heal them.
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