Photography Classes: Inspire With a Click of a Button

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Do you love photography? Do you have a professional camera but do not know hope to use it? Well here is your chance to capture the beauty of the world with a single click of a botton.

Free One Hour Classes Every Day MAY OFFER ONLY!!!!!!

Monday- 4-5 pm 8-9pm

Tuesday- 8-9pm

Wednesday- 4-5 pm 8-9pm

Thursday -4-5 pm

Friday- 4-5 pm 8-9pm

Saturday- 4-5 pm 8-9pm

Sunday- 4-5 pm

Each class is $35.00 (tax included)

Learn to take a picture without the stress of perfection

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What Type of Camera's do we Provide Here at #teamsnap

Frekquently asked Questions

What if I do not have a professional camera?

We have extra cameras, and will provide you with an SD card with a charge of $20.99 per card, or you can just bring your cellar phone.