Dalton Savell's future

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard- Notke

Who Am I?

I am interested in helping people medically or lawfully. I like to deal with people who need help in other ways as well. I also like to work with athletes. I am good at listening, public speaking, and athleticism. I value honesty, hard work, and determination. I learn best with hands on activity or just letting me work. I also learn well in a group. I am in the health science cluster, human services cluster, and the law and public safety cluster. I would be good at all of these as well. All of these things should be considered when finding a career because they help you make the best choice of the person you are.

Where Am I Going? My Career As a...

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This syringe represents the job of an Anesthesiologist which is what I chose. Anesthesiologists put patients to sleep with anesthetic drugs so they don't feel anything during surgery. They must also constantly watch patients to make sure they don't react badly to the drug. The median salary of an Anesthesiologist is around $232,000 every year. The outlook is good so it's a great field to go into. Anesthesiologists are in the health science career cluster. They must be able to go to work at anytime they are needed. These people are surrounded by sick patients and frantic workers every day so the job can be very stressful. Anesthesiologists often develop some sense of routine into their position so they can become careless sometimes and the dosage can be incorrect which can lead to a patients death or a permanent coma. That wasn't incredibly important just a little interesting fact to know.

How do I Get There?

The University of Wisconsin is a great school to go to for medical jobs. It is located in Madison, Wisconsin and the tuition is $42,000. Overall, this school could be a great choice for an anesthesiologist.
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Well that was all about my future, hope you enjoyed.