Success Ed Follow Up

More info on End of Year LPAC's

Lock State Assessment Forms

Please be sure you lock all forms from the Assessment LPAC's prior to starting your End of Year LPAC's.

Add ELL Plan (For EOY LPAC's)

  • Once you have locked forms from the Assessment LPAC's
  • Add ELL Plans and fill out the Academic Progress portion of the ELL Plans
Success Ed (End of Year) LPAC

Click on the Google Link below to get a the step by step directions


You will still need to ensure you have the following forms at hand:

  • Meeting Roster
  • Parent Invite - we always invite but parents are not required to attend
  • Exit / Reclassification - If a student is moving programs - have those letters ready too (Parent Signature required when moving out of a program)
  • Progress Forms - This is the form stating that they will either continue in the program or states the decision the LPAC committee made - copy goes in green folder

Where can I find the forms?