Why being a president was hard.

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troubles with Washington

George Washington had troubles with many things while being president. For one he didn't have the best army. First off they didn't have money for new things. Also his army was not very experienced. Not only did Washington have his army to worry about there were other things as well. He had to worry about other leaders and war. The French irritated the United States by refusing to talk to Americans. The French also made the United States mad because the French were hopeing that the Great Britian would lead war to the United States.

Making up

The United States solved the conflict by sending a group to France to work for peace. There was also a treaty made for France and the United States. After that everything was good.

Pictures of the first flag

More Problems for the President

Even with the war there were more challenges George Washington faced. There was not enough money for new things so George had to pay for things himself. He also had to organize a new goverment, pulling the nation out of financial troubles, and getting treaties of friendship with indian tribes. So George Washington had many more issues then just war.