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Provided by Julianne S. Reynoso on December 4, 2015

December Principal's Meeting

Just a friendly reminder that the December Principal's Meeting is on December 16th at 8am. This month it will be hosted at Wilson Middle School in the Library.

Principal's Meeting Topics

It has come to my attention that you would like to have additional input into the topics provided at our monthly meetings. Great! At our December meeting we will have charts up for you to provide that input.

Winter Break is from December 19th-January 3, 2016

IEP and Compliance

A friendly reminder that you or an administrative designee must be in attendance for the full duration of an IEP and site SST. Please plan accordingly.

Planning IEP's with General Education teachers

When our case managers are planning the IEP's, date and times need to be made so that a General Education Teacher can be present for the entire IEP. If an IEP gets scheduled and the duration of the IEP exceeds the contract time, the General Education teacher has the right to be excused for the remaining portion of the IEP. If the parents or you chose to deny this request, then we must do our diligence to compensate the teachers either creatively or financially. can create a Part 2 to the IEP when the team can reconvene and all can be in attendance. In any case, please be mindful of times and the contract.

Early Dismissal on December 18th

Tier 1 Schools- Students at 11:55am and Staff at 12:10pm

Tier II Schools- Students at 12:50pm and Staff at 1:05pm

Upcoming Events

January 4th-Return from Break

January 5th-IST Meeting

January 7th-(Admin.) AASSI Sustainment Training-Dr. Hines

Janaury 12th-MLK,jr Community Colaition At and Essay Contest at Don Benito, 5;30pm

Janaury16th-"Day on, Not Off" event at Hamilton Elementary-8am-noon

January 18th-MLK,jr-Holiday-No School

January 20th-Principal's Meeting

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year Ahead!