You Should Come Visit Egypt

From: Harry the Hippo

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The Great Resorts

When you come to Egypt ( no matter what species you are ) you will have a great interest in the many resorts spread around the Nile. There are relaxing resorts at the top of the Nile that feature water crashing background noises and beautiful views of the 11 cataracts. Or if you are in a more adventurous mood you could travel to the Valley of the kings and maybe find some treasure!

The Relaxing Pool

Every year between June and September you can come to the best pool in all of Africa! You can relax in the water with hippopotamuses and crocodiles, but don't worry they are nice. You could also harvest some papyrus that grows on the edge. You could even make new friends.

The Nice Sana

If you're a desert animal you'll love our extreme sauna! Out here it's really called the Deshret but it's great either way! Back in ancient times the Deshret was a great guard for Egypt back then because it was to hot an inhospitable for people to get through by foot, but you'll like it, don't worry.

The Food Variety

Out here in Egypt we have a great food variety. Whether you're an herbivore or a carnivore you'll love our many outstanding restaurants. If you're a herbivore you're in luck! We plant wheat, barley, and flax. If you're a carnivore than we have small crocodiles and herons! We hope you enjoy our food.