Sheridan Library Update

August 15, 2013

Twitter for Professional Connections

Mr. King has taken the lead in a new digital communication for the staff and parents by starting a HS twitter feed. If you already use twitter (on a smartphone or your home computer), follow him at: @oubobcat1991. You can also go directly to his twitter page to see what educational trends he has been following and tweeting at: Please also follow the HS twitter feed: @SheridanGeneral. If you are not on twitter yet, feel free to visit the media center (library) to get some pointers and help.

The power of twitter for your educational life is that you can follow collegues, AND also national and international educational leaders to discover creative, innovative, cutting edge and just plain interesting ideas and trends surrounding everything you can or could do in the classroom. Here are some tweeters you might be interested in following:

The Smithsonian Channel, Ted Talks, The Ohio Department of Education, Infohio, Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog), Stephen Krashen, Kathy Schrock, David Warlick, Alan November.

As you find tweeters you enjoy following, look at who THEY follow to expand your feed (the messages, or tweets that come your account).

The library also has a twitter feed: @shslib with updates on interesting books, educational trends, authors and so forth. Follow the library, and it will follow you back!

An Open Letter to Students Returning to School

A little inspiration to get you going and inspired...worth watching the whole thing (probably at home, if you have a fast internet connection)
John Green (the guy in the video) is a phenomenal young adult author, by the way.

SHS Library 2012/2013...By the numbers

591 Classes used the library during the year

Service by Ms. Christensen ranged from indepth lessons to general oversight and

everything in between. Flexible scheduling – can meet needs on teacher/student


30,362 Individual students walked through the library’s doors

Total includes classes, students from study hall, credit recovery, students taking

tests, lunch students, students with passes from teachers, small groups working

on projects, etc.

4,273 SHS books checked out

There is no mandatory check-out or set book selection schedule as in the other

buildings. This number includes 450 public library books checked out through our


550 Additional books borrowed from public library

Not checked out through our system.

2,450 In-library book usage

Used for research or casual reading but not checked out.

420 AV items borrowed

Cameras, camcorders, flip cameras

SO, what do these numbers actually mean?

While these numbers are good for a school our size, there is no doubt that at times the library is under utilized. Schedule your class to come in to do anything from heavy duty research (with library staff instruction and support as you and the students need it), to project work (using the computers, scanners, cameras, printers), to casual reading (awesome!), to simply having your students type up a paper and anything in between. The only reason the library is here is to provide information, materials, equipment, support for YOU and YOUR STUDENTS! You are most welcome, schedule time today.

Cutting Common Core Confusion

Reading is a HUGE part of the Common Core for all subject areas. Infohio has developed several online curriculum toolboxes that are a grouping of websites and online resources that help with the focus areas for schools: academic vocabulary, close reading, marshalling arguments, research, text complexity and just what is meant by informational text and literary nonfiction. There are also toolkits for college and career readiness. You can access the toolkits at:

I also shared a symbaloo (collection of weblinks) with you in the spring that had a wealth of general common core links. If you would like to revisit that, go to:

Sheridan High School Library

Diane Christensen, Library Media Specialist

Allayne McGrath, Library Aid