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Capital: Mexico City

Population: 121,736,809

Total Land Area: 1,964,375 sq km (Slightly less than 3 times the size of Texas)

Main Exports: Manufactured goods, Coffee, Silver, Oil, Vegetables

(80% of all exports go to US)


Early 16th Century - Conquered and colonized by Spain

Early 19th Century - Achieved independence from Spain

Year 2000 - Large Technology boom

Year 2008 - Global Financing Crisis Caused Downturn in economy

Year 2010 - Economy recovered to normal


Current Government - Federal Republic, Where the federation of the 31 states of Mexico come together to form a democratic form of government.
Executive, Judicial, & Legislative branches.

Most money made off goods and services to the US

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UN Involvment

Mexico is helping the UN by aiding in peacekeeping. They send troops to places that are needed to keep peace. They perform missions with other nations to reach for the overall objective of peace.