SMS Bulletin 1.4.16

Show Respect-Make a Difference-Set the Bar High

Mission and Vision

At Schmucker Middle School we strive to cultivate a thriving and safe learning community that promotes academic excellence, lifelong learners, and socially responsible and productive citizens.

To do list

1. Please keep Amy Pontius and her family in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers from an aneurysm she suffered last week.

2. Enjoy being back at school.

3. Attend staff meeting on 1/12 beginning at 8:25

4. Please supervise outside you classroom during passing periods and before school. Talk to, greet, fist bump, smile at and high five students while they are in the hallway.

School Improvement Committee

I am forming a school improvement committee that will meet a few times in January to update our school improvement plan. I would like to have each content area represented on this committee. If you are interested, please send me an email by the end of the week.

Theresa Jewell/Walter Easton

Please welcome Theresa Jewell who will is replacing Jared Madden as one of our 8th grade Language Arts teachers.

Also, if you were not aware, Walter Easton will be covering Sheila's classes for the remainder of the school year.

Advisory Period

Week 19: Quarter 3 advisory schedule will be sent out later this week. Please note the change for this week.

1/4: Welcome back your students! Connect with all students. Find out what they did over the holiday break. No Chromebooks. Remediation begins.

1/5: Read Day (No Chromebooks)

1/6: Flex Day

1/7: Read Day (No Chromebooks)

1/8: 5 Star Lesson (Week 7 Upgrade Honor for Teachers)

5 Star Lessons: We are changing the format of our 5 star lessons. We will show the video and then teachers should discuss the questions. We will not have students fill out the google doc form any longer. Feel free to add additional questions.

Flex Days: Teachers can choose from the following list of activities below to do with students on these days.

1. Team building

2. HAC checks

3. Read

4. Students work on homework

Please access the link Advisory Resources for information regarding our 2nd quarter Advisory curriculum. This folder is shared with all teachers.

Read Days

Teachers should be modeling Read days for their students on Tuesday and Thursdays. Beginning on Tuesday, please consider modeling for students as you read "What Connected Educators Do Differently".

Professional Reading

Strategies to Build Intrinsic Motivation

What Connected Educators Do Differently.

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together."

Paul Ryan

PLCs and PGPs

I have been impressed with level of work that I have seen from our PLCs this year. We still have work to do but we are trending in the right direction. The items listed below should be the agenda items at every PLC meeting. I have witnessed a lot of discussion on the first two items. However, we need to move to discussing individual or small groups of students and how we support or enrich their learning.

  • Formulate common assessments and set dates to administer them

  • Review student data and address areas of weakness and strength

  • Remediate students who did not achieve and enrich students to reached proficiency

  • Develop an RTI plan for students based on common assessment data

PLC Protocols


I am also happy to provide PGP points to teachers for your PLC work. I can grant a max of 10 PGPs for a school year. To qualify for PGP points, teachers need to submit agendas and PLC minutes at the end of the school year.


Those with a sharp eye might have noticed this change in the wording of the 1.3 indicator on the TER: Utilizes Standards-Based Unit Plans and Assessments Utilizing Appropriate, Differentiated Practices (the previous word was "develops").

The administrative teams feels, it is imperative for teachers to effectively utilize unit plans; however, these may be units of instruction. Rather than having teachers demonstrate that they can develop a unit of instruction, we wish to see evidence that a unit of instruction is used effectively in the long-term planning for student learning.


The link below contains all of the eLearning documents you might need to reference.

eLearning Resources

Cheers for Peers

Don't forget to cheer for your peers.

Cheers for Peers

Sara Osler has been a huge help this year! Thanks for all of the extra work you have done to keep us up to date with IEP’s at a glance and for all of your assistance in the classroom!

Stacey Eck is awesome! Thanks for all of the work you have done this year keeping all of the language arts people organized and together!

Mauren Munger is simply the best treasurer there is! She is always happy to help everyone and NEVER hesitates to stop what she is doing to answer someone’s question.

Debbie Pletcher - Debbie always manages to get unsubbed positions filled and does a great job of keeping several plates spinning - many of which go on behind the scenes!

Jennifer Husband - I know Jennifer has taken a lot of her personal time to get to know students and their individual needs. She knows that all her conversations and relationship building is a way to get students to succeed in the classroom. I also know she LOVES being a Spartan! What a great addition to our staff!

Lisa Baldridge - Lisa is the 6th grade Language Arts PLC leader and has been doing an AMAZING job with meeting preparations, resource sharing, and leading meetings!

Caitlin Charnow - Caitlin is doing a great job as the new NJHS sponsor. She has lots of new ideas and is eager to take service to a whole new level with our members!

Pam Hollenberg -- She kept the student chromebooks going while I was gone (and everything that entails), in addition to doing her regular library duties. She is an amazing team player, and we are all truly blessed she works here! I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done this year!

Lorna and staff- They are ALWAYS willing to help staff and students with a smile:)

Allison Marsh -

Cheers to Allison for taking on the 8th grade DC trip this year (and Eric Kistler for doing in the past several years)! I see all those gold forms piled up in your room and I know it is going to take many hours of your personal time to sort through them. Thanks!!

Coach Hess, staff, and team- Each year Hess, his staff, and the team openly welcomes a few exceptional needs students to join a game, and be honorary football players..Thanks Hess….

Thank you to Nancy Koontz for helping with Hapara! You’re wonderful! :)

Here is a SHOUT OUT for the EA’s that have covered classes and students without complaining!

Judy Scarbeck- For always checking in with SMS on finding things we need, i.e. handouts and links for advisory. And for sending helpful e-mails (especially for new teachers) like the one she did today regarding Mike Seger’s e-mail. Thanks!

Kevin McMillen for doing an amazing job as an administrator!! Also, for being so lively in the morning on announcements!

Jim Modlin

It is truly amazing that he carries out his school and after-school activities with only having a few days to recuperate after surgery! That’s setting the bar high!

Lisa Baldridge : For stepping up to any challenge and helping others. Going above and beyond for her team and Schmucker.

Math and LA Teachers

The Math and LA teachers spent a few grueling days working on formative assessments this week and it was a lot of hard work. Although we may not be done, we collaborated and worked really hard and got through it.

Pam Walters

I want to thank Pam for pushing for Cheers for Peers to continue this year! It slipped my mind and because of you, we are getting it going again!

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