Preston Griffall

Rules & Regulations

Disciplines: Women-Singles



Team Relay

Junior Team Competition

Competition Runs: Single Doubles Team Relay/Team Competition

FIL Championship: 2 2 1

International Competitions: 2 2 1

Age Requirements

*General Class


*Youth A

*Youth B

*Youth C

*Youth D



In Men's & Women's singles this competition is held for two full days. During this competition that have to travel around the track four times. Whoever has the best total time after all the contestants are done wins.

Men & Women perform on the same track. The women start from a position further down the track. The Men's track miles is 85. The Women's course track miles is 74 miles.

Before everyone gets ready to start the competition all sleds and athletes are weighed. In the single competition everyone's sled approximate weight should be 50.6 lbs. If their sled were to weigh more they would have to find another sled or could possibly get disqualified.

There is no weight limit for athletes, but men participants that weigh less than 198 lbs and women participants that weigh less than 165 lbs are allowed to add extra weight as ballast. Ballast is something that gives stability or substance.

During the Men's & Women's competition the men's 7 women's singles contestants are divided up into four starting groups. At the start of the second run each group starts at the starting point they did during the first run. During the start of the third run they line up by who had the fastest time during the first and second run. In the last run the fastest team from the first three runs compete last.

After their final run they have to go through an examination called sled control. All finalist have to let their sled be taken apart while the officials examine measurements and check suspension systems to ensure that no illegal methods or materials are present.

Luge Racing

Seeing him race gave me a little fear,not only because he's going fast but the fact of what can happen if they were to crash. They are required to finish in a certain period of time. And these bone chilling speeds cause the audience watching to get a little determined on what might happen.
Mortensen and Griffall top Americans in Doubles Luge at Whistler - Universal Sports


Matt Mortenson & Preston Griffall have POV practice run. Even though this is practice lets see everyone else still go 80 mph on track with no fear in their hearts.
Doubles Luge Highlights | 2013 Veissmann Luge World Cup

Practice Run

Another exciting practice run. Check it out here!
POV Doubles Luge in Sochi, Russia.

His Inspiration & Story

Preston Griffall's says his father inspired him since the day he was born. It wasn't in sports that his dad inspired him but in life. His dad never pushed him hard in any sport or force him in a direction he didn't want to go. He made him believe in hi self so that he can pursue my passions and dreams.

At a young age Preston wrote his goals and ambitions in life. When he saw or heard something he wanted to do he just wrote it down. He has a long list of things that he still wants to accomplish. But his favorite one on the list is, "Be just like my Dad".

Preston says; "My dad did and still lives his life in pursuit of happiness, always trying to find the silver lining in everything and never let a day pass without finding something to smile about". His dad has taught him to follow his heart and to believe in everything he does. Also to never take anything for granted and always do what makes him happy.

Keith Griffall said; "If you accomplish this, then you've succeeded in life".

Preston Griffall Army SGT

Preston's Profile

A little background information and some views on the sport of Luge.

How Their Uniforms Are Going To Look

These are very unique uniforms. Preston Griffall even said; "These will be the best uniforms I have ever put on".
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USA women & men do a little skit that can bring humor to others. Check it out!
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