Eh ill figure something out

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Just a Friend

The love of my life,;

She wasn't for me,

She threw her heart at everyone but me,

I would give talk and tales about her to those closest to me ,

I was love sick,

But she was healthier than me

I would sit in my own depression for long periods of time,

thinking why she chose him

Until one day she came sobbing,

She told me what she heard ,

I comforted her, holding her I lightly nudge the knife under the table .

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I wish I had

I Wish

I wish i had money

I wish i had better clothing

I wish i had a sandwich

I wish i had skill

I wish i had an arrogant attitude

I wish i had a magic wand

to make all my wishes come rue

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Free verse

U need Help

wel do u\

i know yu du

You wuld know

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