The Preschool Learning Center

April 29, 2016

Dress up was fun and boy were we busy this week!!!

Clash day/Dress Yourself/PJ Day was such a success!!! Thank you parents for supporting those days. The children (and teens) were excited to wear different clothes and align with the spirit of the teens those days. On tie dye day one teen remarked: "WOW! Look, they are wearing tie dye just like us…how did you know?" (Not realizing we had planned it with you!)

Major lessons this week dealt with dinosaurs (AM) and numeracy (PM). AM students learned that there are some dinosaurs that eat meat (carnivores) and some that eat only veggies (herbivores) and that there are paleontologists out there to dig up dinosaur bones. (Yes, they did learn those big words!! Ask them.) Meanwhile, the PM children learned a lot about numbers. They learned that when everyone walks from one point to another and you count steps, it won't count up to the same number. They also went outside and took photos of nature and friends with iPhones and iPads (we have some quick and good forthcoming photographers--watch out Sitwat!!).

We had visitors from South Africa come and visit our program to see how we do things here as over there they have 21-40 children to one teacher and no aide. We saw where they live on the globe.

Like I said…it was a busy week. Glad we have weekends to recover.

See you Tuesday!!

Please try to be consistent and keep an eye on the calendar or emails

Unfortunately Spring brings us changes in the high school program. We will try to be as consistent as possible. For example when we have long homeroom days, rather than canceling those days since we have no students helping out, Sandra and I just have the children alone. We have actually come to enjoy those days. They are our special days with the children. We do easel painting and other things that are not normally done. But we are keeping the schedule as consistent as possible.

It is also field trip season and AP testing season so we have already established who will take over your child if your child's special friend is out on a field trip or doing AP testing, etc. Again, we are trying to be consistent so that when we meet your child in the lobby, immediately someone will be there for your child. (Occasionally something happens and you will find my hand taking your child at that point until we figure out who will take over.)

In return we ask that you also be consistent…Please remember that there are a couple of time differences in our schedule--Thursday afternoon is a late pickup at 1:40 and Friday is an earlier drop off time at 11:20. These were created to give more time to the PM children since they did not have as much time as the AM children and we wanted to make it as even as possible. It is a disruption for your child, the other children, and the teens who are acting as "teacher of the day". PLEASE try to keep an eye on the calendar and emails. We know our schedule is sometimes difficult but we are trying to do the best we can.

Thank you!! And THANK YOU to everyone trying to follow our schedule!

The Preschool Learning Center

We are a lab school for high school students taking Child Development courses to learn about children in a hands on way. The children come from the community and receive quality care from a certified teacher.